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Once Upon a Time: Season 2 – Premiere

Things are changing this season on Once Upon a Time. In the first season we learned that Storybrooke, Maine is filled with characters who had been cursed by the Evil Queen to forget everything and spend eternity in Maine…a fate worse then death. At the end of last season, the curse was lifted, and a purple smoke haze brought magic and memories back, but the inhabitants of Storybrooke were never transported back to their fairy tale world. That is the best that I can do to fill you in because, honestly, this is not a show you can start in the second season. I am not entirely convinced this is a show you should start in the first season, but oh well, here we are. Continue reading


Once Upon a Time: Episode 21

As the season finale of Once Upon a Time approaches, the convoluted tale of cursed fairy tale characters is begging to reach a boiling point. Well, maybe not boiling, but it is definitely getting a low simmer.

Misguided analogies aside, the episode focused on the growing tensions between the townspeople (fairy tale characters) and the Mayor (The Evil Queen). Let’s do a quick breakdown of the two intertwining plots before we point out the overall ridiculousness of this show. Continue reading

Once Upon a Time: Episode 20

With only three episodes left in this season, I am finally glad to see Once Upon a Time begin to solve some riddles. I was getting frustrated with back stories and time lines, but in this episode, we get some answers.
The biggest question I had up til now is “who is the writer?” The mysterious man who shows up claiming to be a writer. He steals the book of Fairy Tales from Henry, he helps uncover the Mayor’s involvement in a pseudo-murder and then he fakes being Rumpelstiltskin’s long-lost son. He clearly knows something about both worlds and I could wait no longer to find out the truth.

Spoiler Alert!!

Once Upon a Time: Episode 19

Well, after a few weeks off Once Upon a Time is back, and it is bringing MAGIC! And if watching Disney’s Aladdin taught me anything, it is that magic comes with a price.

So, let’s get into some of the plot points. Continue reading

Once Upon a Time: Episode 18

I have to say that this episode of Once Upon a Time did not do it for me. I had such high hopes since this episode is entitled “The Stable Boy” and is the back story behind the Evil Queen. What makes her so evil? Was she born evil? How did she become a Step-mom? Why does she hate Snow White so much?

Well, okay, these questions are all answered. But not in a very entertaining way. We are making our way to the end of Season 1 and I am hoping for a little more pizzazz at this point. Continue reading

Once Upon a Time: Episode 17

Well, hello Mad Hatter!

Stop right there, I know what you are thinking. The Mad Hatter is not a fairy tale character. Well, shut up, because he is a work of fiction and the creators of Once Upon A Time have made it quite clear that there is only one requirement to become a character in Storybrooke: you must have been written down on paper before.

So what is the deal with this Mad Hatter? Let me break it down for you. Oh, and I am going to call The Mad Hatter “MH” from now on because I am lazy. Continue reading

Once Upon a Time: Episode 16

“Heart of Darkness” was the title of this week’s episode. “What the fuck does that mean,” you might ask yourself? Well it means that part-time nun, Mary Margaret, is being framed for MURDER! A heart in a box, loss of time, true love’s kiss, oh honey, this week you get it all. Law and Order: SFU (Special Fairy Unit). Continue reading

Once Upon a Time: Episode 15

Oh, Once Upon a Time…you brought it this week.

The title of this week’s episode was titled “Red Handed.” Within the very first few scenes, there were ominous wolves howling off in the distance. If that description reminds you of the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood…then DING, you are correct. The bulk of this episode was a flashback to the history of Red. She is love, her grandmother is overprotective and the town in which she lives is being terrorized by a wolf once a month at the full moon. Okay, writers. I give you mad props for re-inventing this tale and kicking up the danger by adding werewolves. For some reason, I always assumed that the wolf was actually a wolf. But no. Werewolf. Continue reading

Once Upon a Time: Episode 14

Imagine a town in Maine that consisted of a bunch of fairy tale characters with modern stories. That about sums up the plot of Once Upon a Time.

This week, we are once again learning the back-stories of the town folk…one by one, episode by episode we are slowly figuring out the entangled lives of these fairy creatures.  Wonderfully, this time, the focus is on Grumpy, you know, one of the seven dwarfs.

In fact, we learn quite a bit about dwarfs this episode. So many things about dwarfs I though that it would be good to highlight a few of my own personal questions that were answered. I feel so enlightened. Continue reading

Once Upon a Time: Episode 13

Here we are again in the quaint little town of Storybrooke, Maine where nothing is as it seems.Once Upon a Timeblah blah, tag line, dark music, blah. While not a totally awful show, there are so many things that make me just moan, “oh, brother, are you serious?” Yes, I understand that using the word “serious” when referring to a made up drama about fairy tales says more about me than it does about the show. Call me old-fashioned, but I demand a little more realism from my fantasy. I am going to use this space to address some of my growing concerns. Continue reading

Once Upon a Time: Episode 12

Oh Hell to the no, Once Upon A Time…you stepped it in this time.

I called shenanigans within 3 minutes of watching this episode. How dare you take Beauty and the Beast and change it like this, ABC? Who do you think you are? That movie won an Oscar (TM), and you think that you can just throw in the pregnant slag from LOST and some glittery Rumpelstiltskin face paint and expect the die-hard fans to just accept the plot twists. Fuck you, ABC, how dare you.

Here are all the reasons this episode made me want to go to Disney World and hug Belle.

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Once Upon a Time: Episode 11

In case you couldn’t tell from previous episodes, the term “fairy tale” is a very loose term in the Once Upon a Time series.  We have seen legends, myths and tall tales all incorporated into the genre and this week, it was no different.

Meet Genie. You may remember him from such films as Kazaam and Aladdin. He follows some basic magical rules, wears a turban and yearns to be free. If the song is accurate, you have never had a friend like Genie.

In true Once Upon a Time fashion, we are flash-backing to uncover the past identity and relationships of Genie. Last week we had major characters to develop…oops, did I say develop, I meant “develop” with a sarcastic and condescending undertone. Genie is not so major; he has been in a few episodes, he even ran for sheriff once. On that note, I have no idea what his real name is.

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Once Upon a Time: Episode 10

Here we are again, another week of mystery and discovery in the little town of Storybrooke.

I may be overselling this a bit.

Since this show is a little convoluted, the first minutes of the opening are a recap of what is important. Even as an avid watcher, I am glad for this because I forget who is supposed to be whom from which time period in love with which other characters…oh and there is a child! Ugh, I am begging for some resolution.

I will get none in this episode.

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Once Upon a Time: Episode 9

Finally, America has a show that is willing to highlight the resourcefulness of homeless children. Indeed, If I said to you, “tell me about a Fairy Tale involving two children (boy and girl) who are orphans,” what story would you tell me? Did someone say Hansel and Gretel? Boom, nailed it.

One thing I love, but also deeply hate about Once Upon a Time is when the story I learned from childhood is changed around to better fit the arch of the series. This episode is the perfect example.

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Once Upon A Time: Episode 8

After a nice Christmas break, Once Upon A Time decided to kick things up a notch. The most interesting character on the show, Rumpelstiltskin, has appeared in the back and present stories of all the other interesting Storybrooke developments. How appropriate that now we learn a little something about him in the new year.

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Once Upon a Time: Episode 7

Uh oh America. It has happened. My utter disgust at this crap-ass television show has turned into something slightly more enjoyable…something akin to entertainment.

I KNOW! Please, don’t loose all respect for me, and let me try and explain.

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Once Upon a Time: Episode 6

Soap Opera viewers across the world, come together and rejoice at the latest episode of Once Upon a Time! What you thought was a well-rounded hour long drama has, instead, turned into a full-fledged, balls-out telenovela.

This episode is to focus on the lives of Prince Charming. Prince James Charming. Yeah. He has a first name.

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Once Upon a Time: Episode 5

Remember how this show is still on the air? Yeah, me neither. Apparently, America is really enjoying this show (which to me, is not a good sign) and it is trudging along with a loyal following…I assume of little girls, gay boys and soccer moms.

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Once Upon a Time: Episode 4

One more week and one week closer to this show being cancelled. JOKES!

Last week I asked the drama gods to introduce me to more characters and, kazaam this episode opened up with a Cinderella/Rumpelstiltskin baby mama drama. I surprisingly totally loved this plot line. In both timelines, Cinderella is obligated to give her first-born child to Rumpelstiltskin. I wish the show did not gloss right over how this makes Rumply seem like a pedophile (a grown-ass single man wanting a bunch of kids around his house? That shit got Michael Jackson arrested) because that could be an awesome side-plot. Oh well.

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Once Upon a Time: Episode 3

Phew — Thankfully this episode started with a 40 second recap of the whole show. You know that a show is going to be seamless and accessible when at EPISODE THREE they remind the viewers of the plot.

But what happened after the intro, you ask? Well, let me tell you through a series of flashbacks!

Oh, sidenote,  if you want to be a fan of this show, then you had better simultaneously be a fan of flashbacks as a story-telling device. It fits though, since the stories are intertwined and, as I have mentioned before, I will let the fact that this annoys me slide since the costumes are so goddamn gorgeous.

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Once Upon a Time: Episodes 1-2

A long time ago, in a producer’s meeting far far away, idiots sat down and thought that they should create a show about fairy tales. Sure, everyone loves a good princess story, but is it truly the basis of an award winning TV show? Short answer — No. Long answer — Nope. BU T, I will say that, while not great, this series will prove to fill my life with something it has been missing since Glee became so popular — a guilty pleasure. I do not want my friends to know I watch this, but since it is actually well written, has an original concept and is just dark enough to be targeted to adults, I will tune in every week. It never ceases to amaze me how people can come up with such strange and exciting story ideas for new shows.

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