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American Horror Story: Asylum, Episode 4 – I Am Anne Frank, Part 1

MJ: American Horror Story: Asylum really has a thing for needles, close-up shots of cutting, and obviously blood in general. Look, I wasn’t expecting to get out gore-free, but can we loosen up on stabbing people in the eye with a syringe? No? OK I guess not.

BS: Yeah, I draw the line at needles in the eye. This season is much more about the gore than last season, don’t you think? Or, have I just blocked it from my mind? Also, the end of the episode when Anne opens the door and you see Chloe Sevigny in her current state…truly disturbing. Continue reading


American Horror Story: Asylum, Episode 3 – Nor’easter’

MJ: OK in all seriousness, the Adam Levine cameo on this week’s American Horror Story: Asylum lasted way longer than I thought it would or could. He just kept coming back. Die already! Incidentally this is how I feel about Maroon 5. (Side note: Did you catch Mark Conseulos’ cameo?)

BS: Yes, sometimes they come back…again. Mark Consuelos is actually on the credits, which leads me to believe that his role will get bigger. I for one am excited about that!

BS: What do you make of the Scream-esque change-up that they pulled with Bloody Face/the Bloody Face masked teenagers who killed Adam Levine? (Bloody Face Masked Teenagers Who Killed Adam Levine is also the name of my punk band. Our hits include “Moves Like Dagger” and “She will be Shoved.”) Continue reading

American Horror Story: Asylum, Episode 2 – Tricks and Treats

We’re just now catching up on American Horror Story: Asylum episodes here at  BTYM headquarters. Just to refresh everyone on the process: two fans of the show go back and forth questioning and trying to answer. We are by no means experts on the horror genre (although one of us is “All But Dissertation,” and the other is, um, also technically not yet in possession of a dissertation), but we watch carefully, examine, and discuss the nuances, so that you don’t have to.

MJ: Finally, Adam Levine is no more. It took two episodes but felt like five hundred.

BS: I’m shocked that he didn’t ask for one less inappropriately-timed bj. Continue reading

American Horror Story: Asylum – Premiere

American Horror Story has returned for a second season, err, mini-series. And of course BTYM’s here to discuss the ins and outs. Just a reminder of how we do this: Two fans go back and forth making observations, asking questions, and chastising Ryan Murphy. It’s free-form and meant to be fun. We do really love it, after all. Oh, and the bold text is one writer, while non-bold is the other.

P.S. Sorry for the lack of content this week; BTYM was affected by the storm, and we’ll be coming back online next week. Which is to say, this is free. Continue reading

American Horror Story: Addendum 2

Jessica Lange chews up a Golden Globe! Turns out it’s her fifth…amazing! And her hair looked amazing, come to think of it. My only question is where was the rest of the cast? They clearly didn’t think she’d win, because not a single major player in the series was at her table. Oh right, they’re trapped in Murder House. Fair enough. Oh, well. You bitches are dead, meanwhile Jessica Lange lives on, demon-child and all. Who’s laughing now?

American Horror Story: Episode 12

It’s the finale of American Horror Story! I watched it with the windows open — cold winter breeze blowing — and the lights off. I also wore a full latex bodysuit. The “works” as I like to call it. I do not approve of the silver band the prop people put around the back of what is obviously an iPad 2 so that the Apple logo was blocked. Meanwhile, chew it up, Jessica Lange!

Oh man, the scene at the hairdresser? I feel like they must have added that after she got the Golden Globe nom, like, “show ’em what you’re made of daaahling!”

Indeed. It did feel a little bit artificially latched-on. Like the end of Caprica.

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American Horror Story: Episode 11

At last, the American Horror Story Christmas Spectacular! Jokes.

If ghost-sperm are viable, then I think ghost-eggs would be too. Sure, it would be a nontraditional birth, but that’s not for a lack of available physicians.

Hmmm…this is a good point. Hayden says she can’t get pregnant, but what is that based on? Why is Tate so fertile? Was it Halloween? Maybe that would make a difference.

I can’t definitively say (and sadly there is not an invention that would let me watch old episodes to verify), but I’m pretty sure that was the premiere and not the Halloween episode. It was at least 6 months ago.

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American Horror Story: Addendum

1120 Westchester Place, Los Angeles

6 Bed/5 Bath

29,999 sq. ft.

Asking Price: $4,500,000

Full description, amended with a few details we think were left out accidentally:

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American Horror Story: Episode 10

Once again we have no time to waste; American Horror Story waits for no one.

Needless to say, I’m excited not just that the flashbacks and characters are coming together and making sense, but also because they’re still surprising. No, I didn’t really predict that Tate was the cause of Burny Face’s titular attribute. Obviously, I assumed that was a result of the fire that consumed his family. I guess this definitively means he’s alive [since he was burned away from the house]. Plus, we finally see his Burny Family (fantastic makeup/effects by the way). Immolation is always a great way to start an episode!

I too was surprised that his burning came from elsewhere. 1994: what a year for Murder House!

It was a watershed year, really.

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American Horror Story: Episode 9

American Horror Story has really jostled with our emotions and its own credibility. I can hardly believe it’s been only eight episodes until now, because it feels like an entire season has transpired. We start off with a charming flashback to 1940’s LA, which, OK, you always get me. The scratchy, Orson Wellsian music. I will never not love that. “I’ll have a gimlet please.” And we have what’s his face from Sports Night, whatever happened to you? And Mena Suvari! Remember when she was sort of a big deal? Oh how times have changed.

This episode was even more fast-paced and plot-packed than the two previous episodes, which is saying something. But what? Well, I would say that this week the “more is more” philosophy paid off. It was kind of deliriously fun to watch.

The show is definitely quickening, and I wonder how much of that feeling is just how slow it was in the first few episodes. It doesn’t so much bother me. There is already enough mystery. I’m glad questions are being answered; it’s just that sometimes they’re not the questions I’m asking.

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American Horror Story: Episode 8

A to the mezzo, H to the orzo, S to the um, orzo(?), we’re back for another episode of American Horror Story. First, I have something to reveal to you and to our readers: am There, now I feel better. On to the analysis!

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American Horror Story: Episode 7

Is it possible Murder House/American Horror Story hates us? Or is it more likely that we’re drawn into yet another artificially layered yet abstracted genre program with a clever premise, excellent character actors, and yet a seemingly endless supply of disbelieve and lack of confidence?

All of the above.

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American Horror Story: Episode 6

My, my, my, American Horror Story is quickly becoming quite the show, isn’t it? Sorry that we’re a bit behind with the recaps. The dynamic duo of AHS lovers/haters has been out of commission briefly. We promise to have the next one up soon. In the meantime, let’s talk about the sixth episode.

Oh, and please leave your thoughts/questions/theories in the comments!

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American Horror Story: Episode 5

Once again two almost (but quickly turning into actual) fans of American Horror Story talk about this week’s episode. We can all agree the craziness was ratcheted up a few pumpkins. Who’s dead? Who’s undead? Who’s in that sexy suit?

Read on to find out!

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American Horror Story: Episodes 2 – 4

Sorry, but we’re a little behind with Glee/Tuck Lights 2: Revenge of the Lights American Horror Story, so we thought we’d take the opportunity to recap in a slightly different style — by going back and forth between two hesitant fans, variously questioning and theorizing.

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American Horror Story: Pilot

Alright, so here’s the deal: I really hate horror. Like a lot. Plus, I have a sometimes debilitating phobia of anything stabby-stabby, specifically needles but also occasionally knives and razors. But as far as I can tell FX needs a genre show, and American Horror Story is going to be my only near-term reliable source of the critically acclaimed, perpetually undervalued Mrs. Coach Taylor Connie Britton. Our story begins in 1978…(well, the story begins in 1978, but the writers presumably began in 2010 or 2011)…

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