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OMG, it’s soooo shower up in here.

Hi Mom, on the far away, but there’s no fun at the big crash on 290 then. The traffic is greatly bathtub. So, I mean. I’ll be there by 5. But I have all the stuff, but I want to leave in my office, so I’m gonna go anyway. So anyways, gonna let you know I’m on my way, so. If you could just hangout til I get there shouldn’t be too much later. There’s a precious.

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Bob off.

Hey convenience cancel my phone okay. Next appointment. I don’t have any money. Bob off. What. What up. I’ll go to the.

Gov. Who?

Hello. Well and usually my Governor Doyle.

That doesn’t explain anything.

Hi. This is a test. I think I explained started to start working. Wow what’s wrong with me. Hello, hi.

Local Hawaii?

I have a question about my local HI can I watch the D V D, that’s in my computer. I. P V using my wilco. I will email you this but. And also grid, on Saturday. So, I can’t bye.

If you possibly.

How to get into the apartment and I, may not have a place, statement it is. I would never ask you this is the word. Simmer it emergency. If you possibly it’s a M.

So close.

Hey baby. It is 247 on Sunday and I was just calling to see if we could make some plans for this evening to review tonight. And for me to meet the hamster. Anyway, call me when you get a chance bye.

OK, we get it.

Hey is. Yeah. Hello. Hello. But hello. Hello. Hi.

I also do not want to be contaminated with mercury.

Mike. This Is mom. I’ve a question about bye. What is your mom but her which is broken inside and I don’t wanna be contaminated with mercury. But I did my fried chicken call me back. Bye.

We can so totally Saturday morning.

Mike, It’s your Dad. It’s sure 11:30. Give me a call. We can Saturday morning. That is 11:30 a computer problem. Maybe you can. It’s like this. Bye. I’ll catch you later.

I just got nurse installed it right away.

Mike, I have a question about. And yeah I hope molded M and NPR podcast apt and I think the running at it, said, they would have access to my personal information as to what I went to read comments on it. One of the complain What I really need my personal information, so. I just got nurse installed it right away, but I don’t know if that standard. It’s like the MPR news one already have my personal information. So just let me know you could just email me at the here for you to do that. That’s fine

Calling from Barclays mine.

Hi Michael, This is Ginger. I’m calling from Barclays mine that we received your email and I just wanted to touch bases with you on that. If you could give me a call back.

Race Phil home.

Hello Michael, My name is Jennifer you contacted me through V, R B O today about my home for rent Number, 182603 It’s currently available. And if you would like to rent it. Just send me another email. My email is race. Phil home, Rice. I’d like to wait food. R. I. C. Bill V I L L E home. H O M E all run together restful home at yahoo dot com and I will send you back a contract, and outlines what is necessary to reserve it, so you can also call me tomorrow with any questions okay. Look forward to talking to you bye.

This is how all text messages should end.

Me: this is a text message from my google voice to your cell phone’s number

JV: Need Popeyes?

Me: Sure!

Cuomo Bible for about an hour

If you support gay marriage in New York State. I need your help. I am. Kristin Davis independent pro gay rights candidate for governor. Andrew Cuomo says he’s for gay marriage. But when the bill was before the state Senate. Cuomo was asked to call 3 undecided state senators. And the client. All 3 senators voted no, the gay marriage the lock, with Cuomo meeting and take a Republican, Carl college you know by 20 point you can send Andrew Cuomo a strong message by casting a protest vote for me Kristin, Davis, tel Cuomo. We need to man, marriage equality now No, not Cuomo Bible in Christine David’s for about an hour.

Starts with the Hell

Hello Michael, This is Grace calling from Leadership. Regarding your email that you sent earlier today unfortunately without. Leadership leadership tracking number that starts with the hell I can’t look up your package but i am gonna leave you with the Amazon customer service number.

Doesn’t Involve Pajamas

First of all, and we’re a little bit offended. He didn’t answer yourphone. Second of all I want to see you guys. I know you’re gonna be tired, hey and he said this is doesn’t involve pajamas. That is bad. Another thing. Hey, he’s not gonna, get together with me, but calling to see what you are up to this evening and maybe we can make something works, give me a call.

Trees Around the World

Trees around the world. If you have any questions, please contact us at 1 800 go fedex or press one now to be connected with a representative. Again, thank you for choosing FedEx.

Bye Movies

Hey Mike, It’s me again. It’s like 10:15. Aline Friday. I was just calling to say hi and I congratulate you their names and Jason. I think you got baby today. I know you’re applying for your license, and, hey. Not sure what is officially at Central. At this point, but just wanted to say congratulations and I’m excited for you guys and hope you’re having a good trip Give me a call whenever you get a chance orone see you. I know you’re probably busy, and do. And hopefully you about the stuff although I know you said yesterday you thought of the things to you but hopefully you have a good time. So give here about what what’s going on and how things are going. Give me a call whenever you feel like it. Alright,talk to you later. Bye movies.

Marlon Brando Years

Mike at Marlon Brando years management, so I can talk to you. States calling to see how you’re doing and see what your plans are. I hadn’t heard back from you for a while. And I was just curious. Catch you later.


Hey Michael Garcia, Bruce saw your call, to the movies if possible.

That Lynn Motown

So I was calling. I just wanted to let you know that. We are sending that Lynn Motown era back the one that looks like Park kind of. That Has 3 inch or 4” thick frame, that kind of goes around the merits, because it’s cracked. I know we restored it before. I’ll try you in the office. Maybe there. I know we were storage the OR, and I came back and I’m wondering, what the state. If it was week you can. Bye. Thanks. Bye.

Nation Class Clinic Program

Hey Mike at in running for the come. Click the French colony to New York. Just wanna call and hope to see if you ever did receive nation class Clinic program here at schooled if you didn’t get to the questions feel free to contact my colleague, it’s at 646-5451 excuse.

Meaningful and Horrible

Hey Mike, It’s cousin cure. Since I am calling from Chicago. It’s about 730 on Tuesday. I think it’sTuesday. My thesis is due in 4 days. I’m not sure what date is anyway. My Mom has been telling me about some of her correspondence with you up out party planning here in Chicago and I just thought I would to go straight to the source and and get some ideas from you. Some is gonna be meaningful and horrible for you. Eager to hear about how things aregoing with you, so I’m pretty much home You know, talk to my computer looking for distractions.

Turning Schedule

Hey Michael and Tania it’s around 10:48 and I were just wondering if everything’s okay. I’m not sure if you have a turning schedule. Hey sis. Anyhow, just wanna make sure everything’s alright if you give us a call. I just checked in, that would be great. Thanks.

Jen Light

You may be experiencing flickering or Jen light. Please call us if you are experiencing a problem or with any additional concerns at 1 800 75. Con Ed or visit our website, www, dot, com and Matt dot com to obtain further information.

2 Years in Prison

Hey Mike, Sorry I missed your call about 2 years in prison cells, so give me a call back. Bye.