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The Walking Dead: Season 3, Episode 5

want to question why the Governor is allowing himself to be so unprotected from his zombie daughter. I really do. But it’s just such a ridiculous opener, what with the ripped scalp and straight-jacket and Michonne watching from outside. I can’t really complain. The Walking Dead is just batshit crazy these days.

I ended last week’s recap with this question, and it deserves to be brought up again: How are they going to take care of this baby? Babies don’t eat food. They drink nutrient-dense breast milk and/or formula. Oh, but no problem…let’s just go out into the world in search of formula! How long exactly does formula keep? Is it months? Gah, don’t get pregnant, idiots! Continue reading


BTYM Anniversary: All of the Subheadings

As part of By That You Mean’s anniversary week celebration, we’re bringing back all of the subheadings (those one-liners at the top of each page).

These are, believe it or not, one of the funnest things for us to come up with.

What’s your favorite?

In chronological order (and I loved that we started with the expectation of an award):


*Peabody pending.
*Tens and tens of people served.
*Internationally recognized for stuff.
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True Blood: Season 5, Episode 2 – Authority Always Wins

Can anyone ever be happy on True Blood? And when do they ever sleep? A commenter on last week’s post accurately pointed out that the seasons seem to transpire over the course of maybe 6 days. 6 days of misery. This episode takes place on the night of the day that was portrayed in the previous episode. Temporal anomalies aside, I’m growing tired of just how segmented the side plots are. There is little interaction between the characters.

When watching True Blood, you have to ask yourself: Are you tripping balls?

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Shahs of Sunset: Episode 3

I apologize for the delay in recapping this episode, but honestly, I needed to listen to at least 40 hours of NPR to detox my brain from the last episode.

If you remember, we left the six spoiled brats of Shahs of Sunset in Las Vegas celebrating Reza’s 49th birthday. After GG caused drama with…everyone, we find that she bailed on Vegas in the middle of the night and found her way back to LA without notifying anyone. The rest of the crew take their private jet back a few hours later and begin their normal, boring lives in high-end million dollar real estate. From this episode I gather that if you want to buy a home in Los Angeles, you need to find yourself a Persian.
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Food Torture Porn

Occasionally…OK, very often…Eats Meats West will accumulate miscellaneous sets of excessively close-up, unhelpful, or otherwise just plain bizarre photographs from various cooking adventures. Generally, the goal was to inform the reader, but somewhere along the way we lost our focus…and well, they come off as more than just a little horrifying. So we present to you here, those disastrous images that have fallen through the cracks.

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Ringer: Series Premiere

So, this may become a weekly thing (assuming the show does not get canceled immediately). In list form! Spoilers abound!

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