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Cast Iron Steaks

The key to “grilling” steaks indoors is the cast iron skillet. You can use a flat one or a ribbed one. The ribbed ones are good for giving the steaks “grill” marks, but the flat one allows the steaks to cook in juices. Let’s start with those juices.

30 minutes before you preheat the oven, season the steaks on both sides. I use a steak seasoning from Aldis. Nothing extravagant, just lots of salt, pepper, and garlic. Continue reading


Crepe Quiche Lorraine

You're looking at 4 crepes and (right, background) more crepes!

I made Alton Brown’s Crepe Quiche Lorraine recipe from his “Crepe Expectations” episode. It’s a great concept but could have been explained so much more simply. It’s basically a quiche made in a muffin cup with the crepe as the liner instead of a pastry crust, sauteed bacon with onions on top, and filled with egg mixture with spinach or cooked veggie.  (Next time, I’ll take photos per stage of assembly and you’ll see how basic this is.)

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Creamy Turkey, Rice, and Vegetable Soup

I made another turkey breast dinner for the fam last night. This morning, with baby in the bouncer, I’m concocting my version of creamy turkey and rice soup adapted from Cooks Recipes’ Williasburg Turkey Soup.

This is a healthier version (as the original recipes calls for 1 cup of butter). It freezes great.

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Everyday Turkey Breast

This is embarrassingly simple but always a hit, even with a family of 2-year-old who’ve yet to eat anything else I’ve cooked.

Buy a turkey breast that has the gravy pouch inside the packaging. Harris Teeter has this.

Rinse off the breast, place it breast side up in a roasting pan or Dutch oven, smear over and under the skin with mayo, baste with the gravy juices frequently, and cook until the thermometer reads done for turkey — 180F.

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Squashes and Pear Soup

I have perfected my butternut squash soup through a series of happy screw-ups.  One adjustment is adding different kinds of squashes–like acorn squash and pumpkin–which, you know is a squash.  What you’re looking for, when you start to tinker with this and make it your own, is a combination of sweet, savory, and creamy.  It’s supposed to be a comfort food that creates a bit of curiosity.