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BTYM Podcast: Episode 69 – Trivia (SNL / DS9)

It’s our 69th podcast, and we have nothing to show for it. Seriously, we didn’t plan this well. And rape is not funny, dude. That’s not cool. But seriously, it’s time for more trivia.

This time we’ll have Chelsea answering Saturday Night Live questions and Michael taking up the rear of the podcast with Star Trek: Deep Space 9.

What happened to the first 8 deep spaces? I don’t know, and I don’t want to know.

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BTYM Podcast: Episode 58 – Animal Trivia

It’s time for another trivia edition of the BTYM podcast. This time we’re going wild. That’s right, it’s animal trivia. And then a pun about animals goes here!

Chelsea took predatory animals, obvy, while Michael took prey (which it turns out is like, every animal).

We’ve also included below an extra special copy of the questions and answers so that all of our deaf readers can play along.

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BTYM Podcast: Episode 48 – Trivia 4: Philaphobia / Phobophilia

You asked for it, and we sort of got around to doing it eventually.

That’s right! It’s more trivia!

This time around we’ve gone with a complementary phobia / philia theme. Michael’s questions for Chelsea are not surprisingly dense (he likes to hear himself talk), while Chelsea’s are characteristically macabre (or as she puts it, “I hope the Feds don’t look up my Google searches.”).

So listen in and see how many you can guess correctly!

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BTYM Podcast: Episode 32, Wait Wait, Shut Up, It’s Valentine’s!

You asked. We sort of listened. It’s time for the third installment of By That You Mean Trivia. And just in the nick of time, we’ve poopcasted out a special Valentine’s Day edition! It’s actually the first time we’ve settled on one theme and each took two different sides: Chelsea the loving, light side; Michael the hating, dark side. Who wins, and who loses? Well just listen to find out, and play along at home/showering/driving/being mugged.

Is this love, that I’m feeling?

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BTYM Podcast, Episode 13 – Trivia

This week at By That You Mean we’re celebrating that redeemer of man: trivia.Wait that makes less sense than usual. But not just any trivia! No, no sir. It’s a tandem custom-trivia challenge for your hosts, Michael and Chelsea!

Naturally, Canadia is up first for good ol’ Chelsea, and Michael’s flung a set of booze-specific questions. Who will win (ehh, probably not you), and who will lose (um, all of us)?

“O, CAN-A-DA!”

But seriously, we’re hoping to make this a semi-regular tradition, so look out for future [more refined] trivia…dyah I mean — SHUT UP I KNOW THIS ONE — episodes.

And of course, if you have any suggestions for topics, and/or you hate yourself for continuing to sit through this nonsense, well then please leave us a comment or send an email.

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