By That You Mean is our – nay, your – home for pointing out the odd things in life, admiring & fearing food and drink alike, discussing what form of person is the most loathsome, and generally speaking our minds with a little (/a lot) of snark.


By That You Mean Podcast

We’re working hard on a broadcast-quality podcast series that’ll approach wide-ranging topics of world importance. And by that we mean, we’ll be sitting around boozing and talking shit. Listening to it is sort of like taking an angry verbal nap.

Funny Nurse

Funny Nurse’s monthly archive of humorous observations and anecdotes lives here, as will more stories of her upcoming travels. It’s not rocket science.

Eats Meats West

Here you’ll find Eats Meats West’s archive as well as new reviews, recipes, and other musings on food and drink. So yah, it’s a snooty blog written by a wannabe foodie. So original!

I’m Just Saying

I’m Just Saying explores films, stories, lives, and social situations, asking the question–Why can’t we all get along? Join our host as she takes a sometimes humorous and sometimes deadly serious look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of human relations.

Unwitting Poets

Google Voice notoriously has a habit of transcribing voicemails with a seemingly unending supply of non sequiturs and strange grammatical choices.  Have an unintended poem you’d like to contribute?  Send us an email.


What’s in the works for By That You Mean? What isn’t in the works?


What happens when you put otherwise untrained fresh-out-of-college art majors in charge of millions upon millions of dollars worth of art? Not to spoil anything, but hilarity might have ensued.

Writers Room

In which we imagine the conversations that must have gone on leading up to episodes/seasons of the groundbreaking television shows that define our time. And by that we mean, Gossip Girl, Glee, and so on.


Wanna leave us complement upon glowing complement?  We totally understand.  Hate everything you see and suing for emotional distress?  Well check us out on Twitter and Facebook, or send us an email!


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