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Food Porn: Bocca Lupo

Oh yah, get all up in that tarragon chicken salad tramezzini! Don’t go light on those pickled cauliflowers, girl. Lather up aside that sumptuous bread pudding with Chantilly-macerated fresh berries and mascarpone. Then rinse with a crisp frisee salad topped with a poached egg and smothered with decadent lardon vinaigrette. Mmm, yah.

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Bocca Lupo x2

As we’ve said before, Bocca Lupo is not necessarily your typical neighborhood standby, but it’s nonetheless a dark horse candidate in the nightly where-do-you-want-to-eat competition. You never really consider it, but every time you go it’s perfectly fine; the service is fairly prompt and friendly, the prices are reasonable, the menu is considerable (although to be fair, the dishes are almost all pretty small, with the exception of the nightly pasta and pizza specials), and of course the food is very good, if not excellent.

So it was on two such occasions — where no other restaurants made sense, yet we couldn’t quite count out Bocca Lupo — that Eats Meats West had the opportunity to dine in the mouth of the wolf once again.

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Boca Lupo

Bocca Lupo is exactly that restaurant Eats Meats West for some reason never seems to remember is right around the corner, despite all of its great qualities.

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