SNL Season Finale: Andy Samberg / St.Vincent

andy-2Well, we made it through another year. We stuck with it and finally, finally, we got rid of Seth Meyers! Congratulations, America!

Let’s move on.

For the season finale, as with the season premiere, SNL usually brings out the big guns — some famous or infamous movie star or huge talent — OR they bring back a former cast member. This year, it was the latter with Andy Samberg at the helm, fresh off a Golden Globe win for Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Samberg came to reprise his role as the strange adorkable guy best remembered for Digital Shorts.

There were not many sketches that hit me in the funny bone. Despite the plethora of “surprise” celebrity guests like Maya Rudolph, Fred Armisen, Bill Hadar, Seth Meyers, Kristen Wiig, Paul Rudd and (I assuming the real) Two Chains, many of the sketches fell flat. I have said it once, but I will say it again…bringing in old blood from glorious SNL seasons past only shows the lack of talent SNL has now.

Best of the Night

JayZSolange-cropped-618x400Cold Open: I am so glad that SNL hired Sasheer Zamata. Not just because she is the first female black cast memeber since Maya Rudolph, but because she is hilarious. With the Jay-Z/Solange cold open it was a nice reminder that there is not “black comedy” and “white comedy” but “pop-culture comedy that can actually transcend race.” This was an out-loud funny sketch about a current event topic. Nailed it. I will say it says a lot about SNL that the only way Solange and Beyonce could be on screen at the same time is with the invitation of Maya Rudolph. But, baby steps!

SNL-SambergMonologue: Andy Samberg is known for the Digital Shorts he created with his fellow The Lonely Island members. He did not really have many recurring characters and did not appear in a great number of sketches. Ironically, he did not sing in his opening monologue! SNL is so weird…this is a man who has appeared and possibly sung in over 100 Digital Shorts, but nope, no singing in the monologue, UNLIKE EVERY HOST EVER! Ugh. still, the impressions-off with Bill Hadar (who is truly an impressions genius) was kind of delightful.

Blizzard Man: One of…or perhaps the only Andy Samberg recurring character. Maybe it is because of all the times I try to do a rap song during karaoke, but this character and his lack of talent just resonates with me. “Doopy doop doo, rap song, rap song,” just feels right!

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 7.33.34 AMLegolas @ Taco Bell: Let’s be clear; this sketch is ridiculous. I think of all the time and money it took to create the Legolas and Gimli costumes for a sketch that last barely 60 seconds, but I am still tickled by this.

Camp Wicawabe: Sometimes it just takes one or two punch lines to make or break a sketch. Between the “found condom” and the “campers who left early” it was a pretty well-rounded and well-written sketch.

Worst of the Night

Ugh — everything else. Here are the worst in as few words as possible, there is no reason for you to waste precious time on these turds.

mgid-uma-image-mtvWeekend Update: I will never like this random break from sketch comedy, especially as long as it takes 15 minutes. I thought it would end with Seth Meyers, but this inane, ridiculous interview/news/interview/incredulous/news format is the worst…

Confident Hunchback: What the fuck was this? A curved penis joke? No thank you.

Screen-Shot-2014-05-18-at-9.18.23-AMVogelchecks: No. Just…No. Multi-Generational incestuous tongue banging is just not as funny as SNL thinks it is. It is gross. And sloppy wet. The only redeeming point: watching Fred Armisen break.

Porn Stars: I am so over this sketch, with its fisting, oral and anal jokes. We get it…porn stars (even those currently enrolled @ Duke) are dumb. Ha. Ha. Be smarter about the stupid, SNL.

140517_2783127_Kimye_Talk_Show_anvver_2Kimye Talk Show: I barely remember this. I was texting. If for some reason there was audience laughter, I would have looked up or re-winded, but alas, the audience knew how shitty this was.

Testicules: I want to love how much I hated loving this sketch. Schweddy Ball jokes have been done better…in 1998.

The Musical Guest

6116a476What the fuck? St. Vincent. Annie Clark. I love her. She is a modern, synth-pop PJ Harvey wannabe. She used to be with the Poly-Phonic Spree and Sufjan Stevens, so she is clearly a little off kilter. But why the strange hand-dancing? With all her references to garbage, god, digital ghosts, masturbation, and witnesses, it makes me think like of a less-talented Tori Amos. I was not impressed, and I own two of St. Vincent’s Albums…


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