SNL: Jamie Foxx / Ne-Yo

SNLOkay. I am just going to say what we are all thinking. This episode os Saturday Night Live is kind of racist.

Since I am hiding behind a blog and a pseudonym, readers may not know that I am Caucasian. My race makes it harder to explore race and even harder to enjoy humor that plays on racial stereotypes.

With that said, Jamie Foxx seems to think the only way he can be funny is to poke fun at those same stereotypes. From the very beginning his monologue is built around the tagline, “how black is that?” And it is all black from here on.

Enough about my white guilt, onward, to the review!

Best of the Night

Saturday Night Live - Season 38Mrs. Claus: Hooray! Aidy Bryant plays the adult, sassy version of Santa’s wife. Christmas is truly turned to XXX-Mas when Mrs. Claus comes to the SNL Update Desk.

Swavorski Crystals: Three good-hearted former porn stars try their hand at making a commercial for diamond-esque crystal jewelry. This may be the only sketch imaginable where I enjoy both Cecily Strong and Vanessa Bayer.

Charlie-Day-SNL-Maine-JusticeMaine Justice: I include this only because the whole sketch was one long “WTF?” With incomprehensible accents and an appearance by Charlie Day (of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), this sketch is kind of hilarious. Sure, when looking back on my notes, I see about 6 question marks (Maine? Southern Accents? Fanning? Whatever?), but still.

Worst of the Night

This category involves literally ever single other sketch of the night. I will not provide any links at all because it is a waste of the internet.

jamie-foxx-dylan-mcdermott-or-dulmot-mulroney-sketchBoth Game Shows: That’s right, there were two game-show based sketches tonight.

  • The first was called “Bitch, What’s the Answer” where a black host asks vague questions like “What’s up with Jupiter?” and then berates and intimidates the contestants when they don’t know the answer.
  • The second was about distinguishing between Dylan McDermot and Dermot Mulroney…which, let’s be honest, is impossible, even for our staff here at By That You Mean. This is playing off the research showing that members of an ethnic group have trouble differentiating the characteristics of other groups. Still, this feels kind of racist.

J-Pop America Fun Time Now: Nothing insults the Japanese like dressing up like Harajuku Anime characters. Japanese Christmas is putting a Ninja star on top of a Bonsai tree? Come on. That is kind of messed up. worse is when Jamie Foxx describes his Japanese character tattoos and they are all about his different baby mamas. Ugh.

Tree Pimp: What happens when a former pimp decides to sell Christmas Trees but still acts like a pimp? It makes America Uncomfortable…that’s what.

The Musical Guest

If you enjoy interesting dance moves and perfectly timed choreography, then check out the 1st song of the night (“Let Me Love You”). It started off slow, but the dancing made up for the repetitive lyrics. Avoid the second song (“She Is”) at all costs because Ne-Yo minus the drums, beats and dancers is not a very good singer.

As a side note, I love the song “Let Me Love You,” but I had no idea it was by Ne-Yo. I assumed it was Frank Ocean or Bruno Mars. Was that racist?


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