SNL: Jeremy Renner / Maroon 5

thumbOh, Saturday Night Live, here we go again.

Jeremy Renner has a face like an old leather sack. It is that grizzled look that makes him perfect for all those hard-worn, deeply-troubled action roles. Like in The Hurt Locker. And The Town. And The Bourne Legacy. And Mission Impossible. You get the idea — he is a badass.  Then why is he on the longest-running television comedy show? Because SNL is an amazing, magical place where dreams come true, and even leather sacks can be funny.

ONWARD — to the review of the show!

Best of the Night

Jeremy-Renner-Sings-During-SNL-MonologueMonologue: Okay, I know that in every other post I have condemned SNL for using music in the monologue. It has become an overused vehicle of comedy…until now. Anne Hathaway: shut up bitch, we know you can sing. Seth Macfarlane: shut your noise hole, you add song to every Family Guy. But Jeremy Renner singing and playing the piano? Magic. It would have been more amazing if it were unique, but even with the musical monologue standard, this is one to watch.

snl_skit_the_avengers_jeremy_rennerThe Avengers: Strangely, this is kind of like if you and your friends dressed up in really cool Halloween costumes of The Avengers. Compared to the other Avengers, Hawkeye and the girl one are kind of shitty. Snipers? Bow skills? Well, what happens when you run out of arrows?

ID the Body: For some reason, I loved this sketch. Imagine you are called down to ID the body of a loved one…but you get the ID wrong? Taran Killan gets a shout out for being an amazing and dedicated corpse.

Worst of the Night

the-californiansThe Californians: I have never truly understood this sketch. Is it based on a real show? Is knowing all the roads in California really a thing? Why must they all speak that way? Well, I have no answers to the questions above, but this sketch was way too long to be enjoyable. Avoid it at all costs.

Wolf Blitzer: In trying to analyze the news about the CIA/FBI/Whores scandal, SNL mocks the fact that news organizations use the same 3 seconds of footage over and over again. I found it to be pedantic and annoying. I do not need to be crudely reminded of how crude the news is.

Broadwell-AllIn-300x20850 Shades of Paula Broadwell: At a book signing of Paula Broadwell’s book “All In” the reading gets ‘R’ rated as anecdotes deteriorate into porn-esque trash. This was the start of what I will call the “David Patraeus Episode” with 15 minutes of Weekend Update devoted to the scandal. Over it.

The Musical Guest

Oh, Maroon 5.  I don’t dislike you, but you do nothing for me. First they show up in all red, singing “One More Night” and sounding exactly like the radio version. Then, for the second song, they dress in all grey and sing ‘Daylight” which, as I read my notes,  should be described as “Helium Intensity.” Pass, Maroon 5.

All in all, this was not the best episode of the season. While not the worst, it was hard for me to get interested. Jeremy Renner exceeded my expectations, but some of the recurring sketches left much to be enjoyed. How I miss 1999…


One thought on “SNL: Jeremy Renner / Maroon 5

  1. Jerch says:

    When I look at Jeremy Renner, I objectively know that he is a famous person, but good lord “sack face” is right. The musical monologue was among the only good ones this season. It worked here because Renner apparently used to perform, so he is actually kind of good, and it was a surprising twist. Like when JGL did “Make Em Laugh.” I sort of liked the Paula Broadwell stuff. Am I the only one? Sometimes I think SNL can’t NOT talk about a major news story, and in both cases here they at least took a weird take on it.

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