The Walking Dead: Season 3, Episode 8 – Mid-Season Finale

TWD_GP_308_0807_0276Hey, it’s Tyrese everyone! He’s like totally an important character for most of the prison story in the graphic novels, so it’s great to see him show up, but who are these other survivors? Zombie food, here’s hoping. Amiright? Apparently they have names. Without seeing the ending yet, we all knew Oscar would die, right? The cardinal rule of The Walking Dead is of course: 1 Black Guy = Enough, 2 Black Guys = Too Many. On to the questions!

I’m a little unclear on what portion of the prison the characters have access to, and which sections they’ve cleared of zombies. It seems like whenever a zombie horde is needed by the plot, a character can open a yet unseen door — usually to escape something else — only to inadvertently release more zombies. The prison feels much larger than I was expecting. In the comics they clear it out and take over pretty quickly.

TWD_GP_308_0806_0095How did the governor’s daughter die, anyway? She seems mostly intact. Meh, I suppose he could have covered up a gaping wound. Is it a discredit to the casting agents or to this child actor that she’s so unconvincing as a zombie?

Was anyone else a little turned on by shirtless Glenn dismembering the zombie and grunting gustily? Just me? OK.

What reason does the governor give for the need to eliminate our survivors at the prison? He doesn’t actually say something like, “we kill them and take their guns.” Does he think they will eventually find Woodbury and attack? He doesn’t at this point realize that’s exactly what’s happening. A throwaway line to clarify his motivations would have been helpful.

The scene between Axel and Carol, where he casually mentions he assumed she was a lesbian, was lovely wasn’t it? “My my, this IS interesting,” he says. She deadpans, “No, it’s not.”

TWD_TR_308_0802_0246When Rick and crew released a smoke grenade during the raid/rescue of Glenn, my husband immediately notes, “ugh, that’s so Daryl doesn’t see his brother!” Contrived? Because we needed an argument with Rick later on, which couldn’t occur in the heat of the moment? What makes this all the more confusing is that since Andrea doesn’t know Glenn and Maggie are captives, she can’t explain to the Governor who these people are.

Speaking of, I’m not even sure I want to talk about Andrea’s confrontation with Michonne. On the one hand it was a strange but nonetheless original alteration to the established universe to have the two go off on an adventure in between the second and third seasons, but this also meant they had no experiences in the prison. In the comics Andrea comes to realize she is an incredible markswoman and is eventually their go-to defense person. She is actually one of the most crucial characters in that regard. Instead she…um, well she…blindly fell in love with the governor…and kind of forgot her old life…because keeping zombie heads in aquariums is totes fine. Needless to say I’m over Andrea.

TWD_GP_308_0807_0004Since Michonne wasn’t beaten and raped repeatedly by the governor, why is she seething in anger, on a solitary mission for vengeance in his house? Because Merle chased and attempted to kill her? Wait…so then wouldn’t she be after him instead? I find this adjustment to her character very unfulfilling. In the comics when Michonne is violated, it’s after a point where we already know how strong she is, so it’s that much more disturbing. You thought to yourself, “gosh, Michonne can be hurt in this way? This governor fellow is a monster!” Then when she finally gets her revenge, it’s incredibly satisfying. So where are we with her on the show? She’s just this sort of mysterious, quiet, disgruntled, aimless lady who can swing a samurai sword (but frequently chokes at the last moment). Is it just because no one other character besides Rick can be the star of the show?

This brings me to my biggest complaint and overarching observation of the show thus far. I’m just going to go out and say it. The television version of The Walking Dead has ruined all of its important female characters. Andrea, Michonne, Carol, Maggie, Lori (RIP, obvy): Name one of them who is inexorably crucial both to the survival of the fictional group of characters as well as our satisfaction with watching this show. You cannot.

TWD_GP_308_0807_0091The Governor’s gouged eye was a nice touch, though. But why the wrong eye?

Special mention should go to whomever made all those animatronic zombie heads. Nice work!

Special jokes mention should go to whomever designed Merle’s knife-stump prosthesis. Looking at it more and more, I can’t help but realize how ridiculous it is. Seriously. Look at that thing!

See you in February…


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