The Walking Dead: Season 3, Episode 7

TWD_BT_307_0719_0208SPOILER ALERT: This episode of The Walking Dead is full of zombies! And I have questions for them!

I realize this would have been super boring, but wasn’t it possible for Merle to simply ask Glenn where his brother was? And then Glenn would have just calmly taken him. But seriously I really liked the torture teaser. The tor-teaser? (“No, my son, not everything can be combined into a combination word.” “You, you…you shut up and you die.” GUNSHOTS] It not only mirrored the graphic novel version — the tortured captives (which did include Glenn) are in cells right next to each other and can hear what’s happening — but it was also unusually light on the gore. See, you don’t have to show dismemberment to build suspense. 

TWD_GP_307_0723_0132Did Michonne find the prison purely by chance? Did she wander into the “red zone,” and if so does that mean the prison is also there? It’s interesting that the show chose to bring her into the fold so suspiciously, and I appreciate that several elements from her time in Woodbury — namely the offering of medical treatment and the taking of her sword — were identical. In the comics, though, she basically waltzes up to the gates and is let in, minus her armless zombies (nee, Zonkeys (TM)).

Wait, so why didn’t Michonne mention Andrea? She freely explained running into Glenn and Maggie, and yet it just didn’t occur to her to bring up the lady she’s been travelling with for months? Surely Andrea mentioned these people before. “Well there’s a redneck with a bow, a sheriff, a boy, a preggers lady, a black guy. You know, your typical zombie survival (zurvival?) group.” Serious plot hole.

Did anyone else notice the absurdity of our crew loading up their weapons in preparation for the raid on Woodbury in…an obviously product-placement crossover SUV? They typically can’t find the time to clean blood off their faces, and yet this weird green vehicle is spotless. “Introducing the 2013 Hyundai Zombie-RX Sportility Hellraiser: Eddie Bauer Edition.”

TWD_GP_307_0725_0307When the old man was laying in his deathbed, and he leaned up to say something inaudible to Eugene (the “scientist”), didn’t you half-expect it to be, “who is this strange woman you brought to watch me die?” Wasn’t Andrea’s deadpan rebuttal of Eugene’s logic great too? “No…they become monsters…you silly fuck.” I don’t love this newly oblivious Andrea, but I’m glad she has things going on. So what exactly was Eugene’s thesis? That zombification can be lessened, mitigated, or reversed by what, psychiatry? The music in these scenes was a nice touch. Very Fallout 3.

TWD_GP_307_0726_0248aWow! Glenn’s one-man chair-fight with the zombie was FREAKING AWESOME. Is Glenn secretly the best character on this show? I loved that they took a little more time than usual with the dance. Clearly, Glenn wasn’t going to actually die, but the back-and-forth was suspenseful nonetheless. And I ain’t gonna complain about no wood through the eye socket special effects either!

The Governor in his TV form continues to be the most idiotic characterization. In his interrogation of Maggie he starts by saying how dangerous her people are (given that they do things like handcuff people to rooftops and leave them to die or amputate), and that she should thus tell him where they are. “I don’t know anything about that,” she replies correctly. Then he says, “…we’ll bring them here…where they’ll be safe.” Wait, aren’t they a danger? So we’re going to bring dangerous people here, so they can be safe? And just a point of order: Michonne is the one sexually abused by the Governor, not Maggie. I get that it’s more upsetting for the two lovers to be in simultaneous danger, but it’s not like Maggie is raped and beaten repeatedly like Michonne was.

TWD_GP_307_0723_0203If there was any doubt that Michonne wasn’t horrible/amazing (the dark made-for-TV sequel to Crazy/Beautiful?), she quickly knifes that random dude in the cabin. He was just minding his business, hanging out with his dead dog, and then a bunch of strangers brought nothing but death to his hideout. But was it a little short-sighted that she didn’t finish the job by knifing his brains?


One thought on “The Walking Dead: Season 3, Episode 7

  1. Anonymous says:

    First- You are right, the Governor is a HUGE letdown. Is an asshole, sure, but is he evil? No. Keeping zombie heads is not so evil (Darryl kept zombie ears?) and keeping your zombie daughter (Hirschel kept a barn full of townspeople and Michonne kept her boyfriend/friend?). Nice try, writers, but give me something.
    Which brings me to the second point – violently torturing and raping Michonne is just one evil thing that would make this TV Governor evil. There is a line in the comic, when Michonne is talking to Governor
    “I’m–I’m not crying for me. I’m crying for you. I think about all the things I’m going to do to you and it makes me cry. It scares me.”
    Wow, right? Opportunity for multiple character development lost..

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