American Horror Story: Asylum, Episode 4 – I Am Anne Frank, Part 1

MJ: American Horror Story: Asylum really has a thing for needles, close-up shots of cutting, and obviously blood in general. Look, I wasn’t expecting to get out gore-free, but can we loosen up on stabbing people in the eye with a syringe? No? OK I guess not.

BS: Yeah, I draw the line at needles in the eye. This season is much more about the gore than last season, don’t you think? Or, have I just blocked it from my mind? Also, the end of the episode when Anne opens the door and you see Chloe Sevigny in her current state…truly disturbing.

MJ: Agreed! So as we start the fourth episode, let’s review a few things. There are monsters in the present who rip people’s arms off, and they may or may not be the same monsters that the Doctor is creating (from not-missed mental patients?). The Doctor is also occasionally feeding mental patients to his mutated-monster-mental patients. Got that? OK then we have aliens abducting people, implanting bug-chips in their necks, and sometimes they also might be beheading and skinning people alive. There is totally also a demon flying around. Am I missing anything? Oh right, Bloody Face! He’s this season’s Rubber Man. Who is it? Well, that’s its own section.

BS: We also have Nazis. This is definitely the “kitchen sink” method of screenwriting.

MJ: So let’s speculate! I’m leaning towards the Doctor, but that’s a little too obvious and perfect. Operating under the assumption that the Bloody Face in the present (“mmm, Adam Levine, nom nom”) is the same as the one in the 60’s, it would have to be someone not super old. Could it be Zachary Quinto? It’s probably someone boring like the guard. Oh! Or maybe it’s Grace! She really did murder her family after all. No, it’s Joseph Fiennes! I…have no idea.

BS: I like the idea that Bloody Face in the present is NOT the same Bloody Face as in the past. Like, maybe there is a copycat scenario, or someone finishing the work of the original Bloody Face? You’re right that the Doctor is too obvious. I think Quinto is a good guess, or Joseph Fiennes, who has been underutilized.

MJ: OMG we have not even gotten to Anne Frank. This show went there! This adds another layer of “is this real or are these people cray-cray?” I like that the Doctor’s maybe a Nazi. Or just like, a little bit Nazi. Just dabbles in Nazi. And thank goodness Anne is still writing. I am looking forward to the sequel. Let’s guess at the title:
  • “The Diary of Anne Frank 2: Back to the Attic”
  • “The Diary of Anne Frank 2: The Franks Go to Hawaii!”
  • “The Diary of Anne Frank 2: The Secret of the Jews

BS: The Diary of Anne Frank: 2 Fast 2 Furious.

MJ: Nailed it.

BS: Didn’t you always deep down know that the Doctor was a Nazi, though? It was totally unsurprising. It begs the question, though, who does he think is “watching him”/ putting the bug-chips in Kit’s neck? Does he think it is, in fact, the Russians, as he alluded to? If so, why does he care about that Cold War stuff? Shouldn’t he be keeping his head down so that he can avoid getting caught as a war criminal?

MJ: No, I’m pretty sure the Doctor does not give a fuck about anyone finding out. So, aside from Mrs. Frank’s, um, reappearance this episode marks the first time we see what could be hallucinations interfering with what’s [until now, otherwise been presented as] reality. Lana is obviously imagining her reporting awards ceremony. Was Kit imagining killing his lover? I would like more of this.

BS: Yes, I like when they play with reality as well. Then, of course there was Grace’s flashback, and the fact that she lied to Kit about the fact that she’s a murderer. It seems that the writers are trying to give the viewers the same confusion about truth vs. reality that the supposedly sane people in the asylum are experiencing. It totally works.

MJ: This is less a question than a statement: Does Sister Jude have the best lines ever? “Are you consciously trying to make a murder baby?” Sarah Paulson is a national treasure. Lana’s aversion therapy scene was, I don’t know, it was something! Why was she still hooked up to the nausea IV when she was meant to be aroused by Andrew? And where did Andrew come from? Is he mentally ill too?. This scene left me with more questions than answers.

BS: This was another very hard to watch scene, and clearly shows that Quinto has some issues he needs to work out. I for one can’t wait to find out what they are.


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