The Walking Dead: Season 3, Episode 6

We’ve waited so long for The Walking Dead to come back, and now I feel like I can’t get away from it. We’re only half-way through the season, and yet there are still so, so many questions.

How great was Michonne’s “Biter-Gram?” Why exactly did the Governor send out Merle and crew to find her? It’s not like she was going to come back to town. Are they hunting her? Is she hunting them? It just seemed like an excuse to have gory conflict in the teaser, which is sad given the last few very excellent openers. How does Michonne get so easily out-sworded by Merle by the way? And why does Merle so dislike the idea of following her into the “red zone” (the as yet unexplained dangerous area) that he shoots his fellow citizen (“the other one”) in the face…and then straight up follows Michonne anyway? To the shopping center where Glenn and Maggie just happen to be?

How unhelpful was Michonne, by the way? Very. I don’t like how the show has established that Merle and Michonne are somehow evenly matched. Um, they aren’t at all. Michonne is the graphic novels’ craziest, most amazingly bad-ass, definitely can literally cut a bitch/zombie/zombie bitch character. I suppose being a made-up character allows Merle to perhaps be in the same neighborhood, but I do not support it.

I’m still unclear whether Carl shot Lori or not. He says he did, but that undead zombie did not look like Lori. If that was Lori, then Carl is lying, and the makeup team sucks. If that wasn’t Lori, where is her body, and who was the zombie Rick shot in the head? Another zombie who happened to be pregnant? Did a zombie gorge herself on Lori’s corpse, filling its stomach? If this is leading to a shambling Lori zombie later on, I’m all for it. If not, this was unnecessarily confusing.

Obviously we can’t really discuss these questions without speaking about Rick’s phone calls, so let’s. In the comics these occur after the crew leave the prison, while Rick is on the run. I’m OK with the change because in both instances it was right after Lori died. To be fair to comics Rick, he only saw her shot in the stomach and could conceivably believe she had been rescued and brought back to health somehow. In the show I don’t think this is as clearly explained. Doesn’t Rick know he shot Lori’s zombie self in the head? Or did he merely shoot a zombie in the head? He was in a state of crazy, after all. Both female voices describe living in a safe space but are reticent to divulge where (and were just dialing random numbers until someone picked up). There was definitely no dude on the phone in the comics, though, and there weren’t questions about how Rick’s wife died. This felt too forced to me, as if we wouldn’t make the connection. It’s creepy enough Rick is taking secret incredulous phone calls from a woman. Anyway, clearly the woman’s voice represents Rick not yet being over Lori’s death, so then who is the man on the phone supposed to be? Carl?

Why is the archer girl so terrible? Not just at archery but also at life. She jokes that she killed her father for the expensive bow, when really it was because he got all zombified. Then she freaks out when Andrea takes care of a zombie with a quick knife to the head. Um, remember how you sucked at shooting arrows? I keep saying this week after week, but there are some Woodbury citizens who are in desperate need of being eaten.

Are we supposed to believe or care about the Governor’s burgeoning relationship with Andrea? I think we are. I think we are supposed to grow to like him, despite his flaws (oh and what flaws they are!), and then we’ll be so super shocked when Andrea realizes he is crazy. The problem with this is that it’s obvious to the viewer the Governor is horrible, so where does this leave Andrea? Oddly oblivious. Needless to say the graphic novels do not feature a Governor romance subplot, much less one with Andrea (a character he never meets)!

So at long last we come to the point when the Governor captures people from the prison, finally learning of its presence. I cannot stress enough how major this is in the graphic novels, so it’ll be interesting to see it play out on TV. Still, I cannot help but notice that Rick wasn’t captured. This is CRUCIAL to his character. Granted, he is dealing with the loss of Lori at the moment, but can the TV show really not explore Rick’s time in Woodbury? If you can’t tell already, I’m trying very hard not to spoil it.


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