Glee: Season 4, Episode 7 – Dynamic Duets

Since Superstorm Sandy did not kill Ryan Murphy, it appears that Glee is still on the air. After this week’s episode “Dynamic Duets,” we here at By That You Mean had the opportunity to sit down once more with one of the producers to answer some of our most burning questions.

As always, thanks for taking time out of your day to speak with us. First, I must say that the theme this week was 50 shades of awful. I could not decide if it was lazy cosplay or an ill-timed Halloween episode. Can you explain how the holy hell you came up with this idea?

You always thank me for coming, but are you being factious? Fortunately I do not know what “factious” means, so we can move forward. Anyway, to answer your question, the original idea was to center an episode around Darren Criss slashfic (Ryan Murphy has a serious Spandex fetish) with Blaine/Night Bird at the center. But…then we realized we don’t care about character motivations and just straight up made everyone where costumes anyway. Hey, it was at least original.

The Warblers are back! Who cares?

You two years ago. Zing! With Kurt out of the picture Blaine needed a new love interest, and since Dalton Academy is an Institute of Higher Lube we threw in a new Warbler captain to be his rival/lover. Didn’t you love how this new character looks exactly like the last Warbler we introduced? In case you didn’t know this, there is literally no other kind of gay man than a waifish blonde mildly unattractive twink with giant hair who can sing with the help of Autotune. That’s why Blaine rejoins the Warblers ultra-quick. Side note: Did you catch what song the Warblers started out with, the one they apparently rehearsed and choreographed even though it was a surprise? No seriously, because I have no idea what that was. And I wrote it!

I was expecting that a show titled “Dynamic Duets” would actually focus on duets. Instead we just had awkward same-sex harmonizing. You have stated before that the songs are clearly an afterthought of the writing process, but did it ever cross your mind to use actual duets?

We checked Huey Lewis and Gwyneth Paltrow, but they were busy being has-beens and/or very famous, respectively. What duets specifically were you hoping to see? Rider (AKA “Bowl Cut”) and Marley? Other than our inability to give Rider any depth and not make him suck so much, I suppose we could have seen them do a superhero version Sonny and Cher or something. [Motions to intern…”Hey, you, right that down.”]

Can you speak to the conversation you had with the actors when describing the plot? So much Spandex and shame…how did you talk them into it?

It went something like this: “Wardrobe accidentally bought elastic thread instead of the normal kind, so this week we are going to see everyone’s junk. Jake, or err…your name in real life, whatever that is…you and I can do your ‘fitting’ after rehearsal tonight.”

This week, we’re introduced to yet another sub-set of teenage angst–being unable to read or having a learning disorder. Is there a group you have not yet pandered to and really want to focus on in the future? Keep in mind you have already covered teen pregnancy, homosexuality, spousal abuse, virginity, OCD, bulimia, transgender, retard babies, paraplegia, hyper Christianity, body image, down syndrome, power-dancing, parental objections, bullying and NYC.

Rider’s got to reach his prime, and that’s why he needed to take a reading test. So we showed you the passage of time. We needed a montage. A dyslexia-testing montage.

My DVR crapped out because the X-Factor ran a little long. I missed the end of the show, in fact, I watched as far as the cafeteria scene where a bromance was forming. Did I really miss anything?

You missed a Terri Hatcher reference, lots of tubular 90’s nostalgic (which we always nail, natch), the threat of a “good black joke,” Jake making out with Trouty Mouth, and Cee-Lo winning the X-Factor. Or something. I don’t actually watch TV.


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