The Walking Dead: Season 3, Episode 5

want to question why the Governor is allowing himself to be so unprotected from his zombie daughter. I really do. But it’s just such a ridiculous opener, what with the ripped scalp and straight-jacket and Michonne watching from outside. I can’t really complain. The Walking Dead is just batshit crazy these days.

I ended last week’s recap with this question, and it deserves to be brought up again: How are they going to take care of this baby? Babies don’t eat food. They drink nutrient-dense breast milk and/or formula. Oh, but no problem…let’s just go out into the world in search of formula! How long exactly does formula keep? Is it months? Gah, don’t get pregnant, idiots!

I loved how Michonne just waltzed up in that house and took back her sword. Would the only sassy black woman with dreadlocks be able to sneak around? Apparently the governor’s mansion has locks on inside doors only. She of course wastes no time in dispatching a couple of cooped-up zombies. But why were there zombies cooped up, not Michonne asks?

Under what circumstances does the Governor thinks Michonne was “fitting in?” She is constantly sulking around, shooting side-eye glances of shade at everyone. She speaks almost never. Oh, and her history remains a mystery. But yes, it was almost time for her to get her sword back? I wish the Governor was more clearly evil, as evil as he is in the graphic novels. He’s more than just a guy who shoots soldiers to steal their stuff. He’s vindictive. He takes grisly revenge. He’s supposed to be worse than the zombies. More cunning and unpredictable. Where is that guy?

Should our crew be more concerned about finding Carol? No? It’s a better use of time to go find T-Dog’s corpse so he can bury it.

The dorky scientist (OK, probably high school biology teacher who lied about his experience to seem more useful) is somehow still alive. Is there some way we can work on that?

So Daryl and Maggie somehow come upon a nursery in under a few hours of looking for one. Totally plausible. It looks like it’s in good shape too! What was the possum eating?

I realize the show is trying to build suspense with Woodbury, without letting too much be revealed early on. But now we’re into episode 5, and it’s just way too slow. In the graphic novels, there’s really no time to fall into a sense of comfort when Rick and Michonne come upon the town and its Governor. Nope, it’s pretty much horrific to begin with! And yet if we are to become accustomed to Woodbury on the show, only for it to be snatched out, why reveal that the Governor keeps heads in jars, or that there is an unexplained cage of zombies, or that he has a little girl zombie in a straight-jacket? Either keep us in the dark [but suspicious via Michonne’s unease] or go crazy from the beginning.

Who was the extra they hired for the Lori zombie, and why? If it was her, then why did she look nothing like Lori? And why was she so incredibly zombified already? I don’t think all of your hair immediately falls out when you become a zombie. As evidence I site, I dunno, the little girl zombie in this same episode! And why was Lori’s stomach so inflated? Was it full of putrification gas? It was definitely meant to be the same room, because there was a bullet on the floor, where apparently Carl missed shooting his mom. Why is Carl such a bad son?

Finally, finally the zombie arena is revealed. Was it shocking to y’all? My husband was nothing but confused. “I just don’t believe anyone would do this. Don’t they need these strong fighters?” It’s explained in the novels that the [basically enforced participation] arena is a way to keep the populace in check. If they have this to look forward to/be afraid of, then they don’t question the Governor. It makes sense in a sick sort of way.


2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Season 3, Episode 5

  1. Jerch says:

    GROSS, but…I totally independently theorized this same thing! I mention it in the upcoming next recap of episode 6.

  2. funnynurse says:

    That was not zombie of Lori, that zombie ate Lori. Its belly was full of Lori. It even has Lori’s hair in its mouth. Oh yeah, Carl totally show his mom in the face to spare the horror of zombification only to have her body brutally devoured by some other zombie.

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