SNL: Anne Hathaway / Rihanna

I cannot believe this is the 3rd time Anne Hathaway has hosted Saturday Night Live.  I am not sure from whence my confusion comes, but I think it starts with me being unable to think of a single memorable sketch that involved Anne Hathaway.  On that note, do you think this episode gives us some ground-breaking performances by the host Hathaway? And do you hope that the monologue is not some sad Les Miserables send-up?

Not to spoil the surprise, but the answer to both questions is no.

Read on to find out more!!!

Best of the Night

Girlfriends Talk Show: Finally, we get some Aidy Bryant! The premise of the sketch is two best friends have a talk show but then a third girl shows up and comes between the girls. It is so high school and so trashy and the expressions on Bryant’s face are amazing. The downfall of the sketch is Cecily Strong, who has a high-pitched annoying voice…but watching the catty banter is worth it.

Homeland: If you have not seen Homeland (Winner of 6 Emmy Awards) then you should check it out. I love when SNL mocks pop-culture.  Caricature and hyperbole is where this show works best. Couple that with impersonations and you have yourself a winning sketch. Sure, it is not the best, but it is one of the best of this episode.

McDonald’s Firing: Don’t you wish you had the freedom to tell all your co-workers how much you hate them? This sketch is about just that. I am imagining this happening at the McDonald’s on Court St. in Brooklyn. Kinda trashy, horribly managed and full of possible serial killers. Again, if you can get past the voice of Cecily Strong, this is not too bad.

Worst of the Night

Mokiki Sloppy Swish: I was on the fence with this one. What I can only imagine is a real performance artist in NYC, Mokiki wanders the streets of New York and does a strange little dance. This reminds me of the more unconventional Digital Shorts fromThe Lonely Island years ago. OR Laser Cats. Just one of those strange, original SNL sketches that does not have a category. I think this sketch would benefit from a lack of Kenan Thompson, but you can’t always get what you want.

P.S. Apparently this is just a dance that Taran Killam likes to do and he invented the story around it. The dance is truly terrifying.

American Gothic: This sketch is a behind-the-scenes look at the staging of the famous painting by Grant Wood.Two people posing for a picture, trying to be funny but failing miserably. Please skip this sketch. It is FIVE whole minutes that I can never get back.

Monologue: More singing. Off-key, Off-Broadway and Off-Subject. Why does SNL feel that singing is the only way to introduce a host? There is something to be said for the unexpected (like white rapping) but we all know that Anne Hathaway thinks she can sing. So stop trying to prove it to us!

Musical Guest

Rihanna: Oh, you poor beautiful bitch. What an amazing voice and what an awful performance. This is 2012, Rhianna, so why in Christ’s name would you have such cheap graphics for your songs? I could barely pay attention to the lyrics because I was curious about your set design choices. And your life choices. Chris Brown has a tattoo of your busted, beaten face on his neck. I cannot listen to that kind of dysfunction  Shine Bright like a Diamond.


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