The Walking Dead: Season 3, Episode 4 – Killer Within

Was this the hardest ever episode of The Walking Dead to watch? Obviously with the death of so many key characters, it can’t not be. As has been a trend, it’s interesting to see how the graphic novels differ so much from the show, and yet both are distantly linked.

Random side note before the real questions: The deer reminded me of something practical. Now that everyone knows they are already infected, I wonder if anyone considered it was now safe to eat tainted animal meat. Or would that still spread dangerous secondary infections and hasten death?

I gotta think that inmates would be fairly excellent apocalyptic partners. Sure, they committed crimes and maybe aren’t super trustworthy, but they also might excel at such advantageous abilities like looting, subterfuge, and violence. Also, it’s not like every one of the non-inmates we’ve come across has been an exceptional human being. Remember Carol’s husband, who beat her? Remember Shane, who was constantly almost killing his friends? Remember Merle, who was super racist?

Michonne’s sass face from last week has been replaced this week by sass butt. Work it.

This is a point of order question, and a minor SPOILER, so beware: Will Season 3 be our only time at the prison? In the graphic novels they are there for a long time. Like 5x that amount of time spent outside of Atlanta and on the farm combined. A shit ton of interesting important character development happens at the prison. It begins to feel like a home. And yet, I can see fans *cough*me*cough*) getting bored if we don’t move on after a dozen episodes. But then what’s left for Season 4? Yes, there are other settings, and sure the novels are still being written, but if we end this season at the prison, we’ll have jumped forward in time perhaps faster than is necessary. Well, we’ll see.

My husband questions whether they should even stay at this prison, investing in it, to which I responded, “well it’s safer than Magic Farm!” Then 10 seconds later he zombies attacked.

So the mystery of who’s letting the walkers into the prison doesn’t go on for very long. I was hoping for more suspense. It’s a little hard to tell where they came from during the attack, but it seems like maybe they got to the yard by walking through the prison? If so damn; y’all got a lot of work to do! Is this mystery bolt-cutter person the TV show’s replacement for the graphic novels’ serial killer? I hope not. That was a disturbing plot line.

When T-Dog was bit I was 80% sure he would shoot himself in the head right then and there. What would you do? Say some goodbyes, sure, but you’re on a solo train to Zombieville.

OK, so I realize the Governor is fake-romancing Andrea (and she may be doing the same) to get information, but what? What information does Andrea have? Will he send goons to follow her? In the graphic novels the Governor realized the people he had captured (Michonne and Rick) must have come from some place safe with supplies (like riot gear!), so he does everything in his power to find out there secret. Yet, Andrea doesn’t really know anything quite that valuable. In fact she thinks she has little chance of even finding her crew again. Characters, maybe they should have motivations?

Did I miss Lori’s water breaking? Are zombie’s attracted to placental fluid? To afterbirth? I bet it’s a delicacy, like sweetbreads. Then out of nowhere really, Lori pleads with Maggie to forcibly remove the baby because complications are preventing a normal birth. Lots of things are wrong with this scene (like, I dunno, Lori letting her son watch her die), but chief among them are two huge plot holes: 1) If Lori dies in child-birth, who is raising it? Do they normally have baby formula IN A PRISON? 2) How is the severely untrained Maggie going to safely extract the baby using A KNIFE that is not even sanitized? I think we’re going to have TWO dead people after this. OK, one more 3) Why not humanely kill Lori before aggressively cutting into her stomach?

This show!


One thought on “The Walking Dead: Season 3, Episode 4 – Killer Within

  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree with shooting Lori in the head and then cutting her baby out. It would take only moments and, though there is a risk of losing the baby, you save all the time one would waste by avoiding major arteries. Poor Lori. I kind of hated you, but you did not deserve this. T-Dog, you were awesome.RIP you glorious bastards.
    Oh, and side note- have the two remaining inmates proven themselves worthy? I feel the team could use a few extra fighters.

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