Project Runway: Season 10, Finale

Surprise, all four contestants get to compete in [insert corporate sponsor here] fashion week on the Project Runway finale! Double surprise, they have another whole day to go to Mood and make more fashion! Other than the first season, I can’t recall a time when this didn’t happen. Otherwise, what would we be watching before the final runway? And yet always it’s such a huge shock to the contestants. I can take only so much styling and product placement as it is. Oh gosh, but there is SO MUCH STYLING even still.

Before we move on to the final runway looks, we can’t finish out BTYM’s coverage of Project Runway’s 10th season without pointing our loyal readers towards the fabulous Fashion It So single-topic Tumblr. It is a wonderful way to detox after PR. Go read it.


MJ: Dislikes it. Christopher is a hot mess for the first half of the episode for no apparent reason. When Tim asks him how he’s doing with time almost up, the look in C’s eyes can be described only as Christina Ricci Adams Family realness. There was something very “oh, this is a Project Runway final collection” about it all. I can’t really find much fault anywhere, and sure that’s to be expected for the season’s top designer, but I also found myself spacing out a lot. The abundance of finely tailored dark industrial fabrics was appealing, but I’m at a loss for superlatives. It looks like everything goes together? It’s dated? The models look sad? What is the showstopping look I can’t get out of my head? None of them? The finalie ombre dress is messy, and the model seemed to almost topple over were it not for her designer’s steady hand. I think Christopher was an excellent problem-solver throughout the season but fell apart a bit at the end.

DM: Hates it. Everything was just so one-note, but also weirdly not cohesive. Not sure how to accomplish that. A lot of it was pretty, and I liked it and I would wear it, but maybe it’s just too ready to wear.


MJ: Likes it. Melissa introduces her collection as “death to life and thus very appropriate for Spring.” Which. Which…which I get, but still, I don’t think of Spring in terms of death at all. Whatever. Melissa’s look for herself was fierce, so I forgive her. Some of these looks make me think she’s dressing herself. Well, maybe not that blue grey pleather swimsuity look. I loved that one but am having a hard time seeing it on a real person. No. I am seeing it on a fabulous Lebanese matriarch at La Plage. OK I approve now. With that being said, a lot of the looks maybe want to be work appropriate but with like, cut-outs and weird skin showing and zany collars out the wazoo. I’m trying not to use the dreaded “streetwalker” critique. But if the ho fits…

DM: Likes it. It’s very Melissa, so it’s very cool girl chic. But at times I’m confused about whether she’s uptown or downtown. I suppose that is OK. The only negative thing I can say about Melissa’s, though, is that it just doesn’t evoke the same visceral feeling that Fabio’s collection does…

Dmitry – WINNER

MJ: Likes it. Dmitry says his collection is inspired by “organic architecture,” but I swore for a second he said it was inspired by “gynic treasures.” The first dress is beautiful. Are his models hardened and sad looking? They look very gruff, like they’re from the mother country. The fringe dress with the diamond blocks was also fantastic. His looks are as always very polished and put together. I do with there was more color, or more of a story. Who are these women? I get the feeling they’re very expensive escorts who like, actually aren’t wink/nudge, prostitutes. Like they legitimately go to fancy dinners with rich Russian moguls. Everything looks expensive. I don’t really have major complaints. Nothing too surprising all the same. I think this is the same Dmitry from day 1 (who was already great).

DM: Likes it. He employed all of my favorite tricks of the season, and it’s Dmitry so obviously everything was beautiful. Everything is wearable yet still interesting. I’m actually really hating the white pant and black shirt combo. It looks like a grandma trying to be sexy somehow. I thought the judges told him to scrap those two together in the last episode? Those pants are crazy good by themselves. Also, something about the proportion of the fringe sleeve jacket bothers me. They look like wings almost…?


MJ: Loves it. Fabio’s collection is entitled “Cosmic Tribalism.” The music could be described as only that. I think of the four these were the least expected looks. Except on rare occasions, usually the final runway collections end up looking like they came from this show, whereas these I think are harder to place. The soft tones and muted colors are soothing. There are some daring cuts all over the place. Half sleeves, diagonal hems, drapey capelets. I’m not so bothered by the shoes so much as I don’t see their point other than to tie the models together. I do like the various chevron necklaces. I’m having the hardest time with this collection, but I think that’s a good thing. It makes me want to know more about this trajectory. It doesn’t seem like Fabio has run out of ideas.

DM: Loves it. It’s so him! The color palette is genius, and the silhouettes are interesting but so simple. Edgy and sophisticated. It’s just really smart. It’s the Brooklyn girl who parties in warehouses in Bushwick and lives like she’s living out of a trashcan but can also afford designer clothes. Oh wait, that’s all of them. Regardless, it’s the next new thing, and people are going to pay attention.


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