The Walking Dead: Season 3, Episode 2 – Sick

The opening scene was all kinds of confusing. First of all, was there always just one zombie on the other side of the door? I think they can handle one zombie. Yet, a big deal is made about keeping the door sealed. Then, hilariously enough, there is nary an introduction to the strangers staring back at our survivors from the new room inside the prison. There is lots of gun-pointing, sure. And granted, Hershel’s leg was just chopped off, but it was mostly a ball of confusion.

A great place to start the questions!

Clearly, though, the point of the new prisoner characters was to reestablish the Walking Dead universe to the viewer. Governments have collapsed, everyone is infected by a zombie disease, and you’re free from prison. Check, check, check! But would these prisoners really want to stay at the prison, strictly on a few strangers’ word that the world has collapsed? Not only are they prisoners, but they’ve also been cooped up in the cafeteria for 10 months! Surely at least one of them would have been like, “Um, Mitchel here, I was just thinking I might want to go check on my loved ones, so…you guys can work this out without me.”

Kudos to the set person who supplied the giant bag with the comical “BREAK CRUMBS” label. This is useful (10 months later) for what exactly? Crust for macaroni and cheese? UPDATE: Just checked a can of bread crumbs in the By That You Mean kitchen laboratory, and sure enough it’s over 10 months old but still usable. Question: retracted.

Rick asks Glenn to handcuff possibly-zombified Hershel to his maybe-deathbed. He also gives him a look that says, “shoot him in the head if he looks at you funny.” In the VERY NEXT SCENE with Hershel, Maggie (his daughter) pours her heart out to him in total proximity to his biting range. Because, continuity? Glenn, by the way, handcuffs only one of Hershel’s hands. ONE. So that we can have the fake-out scary scene later on where Hershel grabs Lori, grasping for life? Cheap.

Other than running away, what did the one random guy (sorry, there wasn’t time to learn his name…apparently it was Andrew) have to do with the main prison guy’s (Tomas) attempt on Rick’s life? Did he clearly deserve to die a horribly gruesome zombie death? Then, the other two (Axel and Oscar) receive a comparatively mild talking down to. “Here’s…a section of the prison full of your dead comrades. You…should probably burn them.” Thanks? What’s maybe not yet apparent is that Rick is slowly requiring less and less reason to justify killing people, as long as it benefits the group in some way. Or at least, that’s where I’m hoping this is going.

I loved how only T-Dog felt Kevlar armor was a good idea for the prison block zombie hunt. Because it didn’t go well last time? Oh wait, it basically makes them impervious to zombie bites. Still, I will never say no a “shoot them in the brains” tutorial. I’m willing to accept that zombie bites harbor all sorts of nasty microorganisms, and that’s what hastens death. Still, you’d think that everyone would be a little more careful about where they let zombie blood splatter? You’d think the blood, or whatever it is at this point, is not exactly hygienic.

You’d be wrong?

In a similar but unrelated plot thread, Carol performs a faux Cesarean-section on a female zombie, to help her better understand what it might be like to do the same on preggers Lori. She does this completely without protection to herself, nor is anyone watching her. Um, gloves? We’re treated to the handheld camera style from bushes nearby that obviously connotes someone is watching her. And then we have a throwaway scene between Lori and Rick. And then…the episode just ends. Did I miss something? Was the father of the zombie baby watching? Did the zombie momma have a restraining order against him? Should someone call child zombie protective services?


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