SNL: Daniel Craig/Muse

Oh no, it’s a British Invasion!! Actually, I would welcome some smart, elegant British humour on nights like tonight…you know, when the longest running comedy show in the history of America is so awful you want to smash your TV with a cat.

So here we are, another long episode of Saturday Night Live, this time featuring 007 Daniel Craig and prog-rock band Muse. Craig highlights the badassitutde of the characters he has portrayed by presenting an In Memoriam complete with fog. It was unpleasant. On that note, let’s just get right down to the best and worst of the show.

The Best of the Night

This is a pretty short category.

The Bond Girls: A pre-filmed commercial about all the Bond Girls that did not quite make the cut. With Diane Keaton, Jodie Foster, Lea Michelle, Molly Ringwald, Ellen Degeneres and Penny Marshall — who can blame them for being left on the cutting room floor. It is segments like this that give me a glimmer of hope for the cast. I am reminded of the talent and timing necessary to get a role on this once great television show.

Long Island Medium: Imagine if Snookie could communicate with the dead. That is kind of like this sketch, which was also pre-filmed. With squirrels as clients and creepy long nails, it was easy to see this as an actual show on Bravo.

Kate McKinnon: Holy shit, I love this lady. By far, the best performer this episode, and consistently great in her voices and personas. When Tina Fey left as head writer there was a lull in strong female characters. Then Kristen Wiig came and took all the good parts with her. Clearly the show still has a long way to go, but I see glimmer of hope for outlandish females with McKinnon. Please don’t move on to better projects just yet!

The Worst of the Night

This category includes literally every other sketch on tonight’s show. Just because I am a bitter old lady, I will highlight some of the hottest turds.

Construction Men: It is funny when anyone makes clever sexual innuendos, but bad sexual innuendos are even better. Especially when they are done by Cheri Oteri in 1999. Check out this version to see just how great SNL used to be.

Space Mission: Ugh. On a mission to Mars, one cosmonaut confesses he misses his cat, but he laments the loss in a creepy, child-like tone. Maybe the writer thought that the happy cat-lover needed to suffer, so they wrote in a bit about the cat being dead. The sketch was so awful I fast forwarded through it, but for the integrity of this article, I gave it another watch. It was worse the second time.

Undecided Voters: The 3rd episode of the season and already we have commercial repeats? This aired on the season premiere where I thought it was amusing. It is still funny, but just a sad sign of things to come if SNL is already re-broadcasting past material.

The Musical Guest

I happen to love Muse, but I found that their performance lacked energy. Not the best lyricists (the songs are repetitive and simple), they have relied on killer sound and big riffs, often blending different genres and styles together to create unique music. I was not impressed by either of their songs tonight (“Madness” and “Panic Station“), but “Panic Station” was a clearer picture of what I have come to expect from Muse.

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