Project Runway: Season 10, Episode 11 – It’s Fashion Baby

There’s not much we can say about an episode of Project Runway where the designers make clothes for babies. Not clothes inspired by babies. Not clothes made out of babies. Clothes for babies. OK, so also clothes for their moms at the last second. No real mention was made as to exactly why two winners out of such a small group would be announced, other than I am assuming because Heidi needed both a boy and a girl look for her clothing line?

Oh right, Heidi has a Kids ‘R Us clothing line. Because babies and Heidi’s style mesh so well.

With only another episode to go until the finale, it was a little strange to have this episode jammed in, but maybe they couldn’t find more than six willing parents. Or maybe it was just better to cleanse the viewers’ palates with a totally saccharine challenge before next week’s big Top 3 judging. Who knows?

Let’s discuss what we loved and what we hated…

Christopher (WINNER – GIRLS)

DM: Dislikes it. I actually hate the dress for the baby. We’ve seen it before, and I really do prefer something that looks a little more “adult” or at least fashionable on a baby. Mom’s I liked, though. I love that print, and it really highlights her figure in the best way possible. But out of all of the girl looks, I guess this is the one I would pick to be the winner. Not terribly innovative.

MJ: Hates it. The baby looks like she’s wearing one of those no-slip bath tub mats with the applied flowers. I don’t understand the point of the jacket, yet everyone was fawning over it. I could give or take Mom’s look. Mostly, I just don’t like that sourpuss lady.


DM: Loves it. He looks like the cutest superhero red crayon I have ever seen. I’m obsessed. I want a baby to put this outfit on. And mom looks super cool, too. Also, I am slowly falling in love with Dmitry and his little snark. Maybe my new favorite?

MJ: Dislikes it. I mean, I am definitely not the expert here, but where is this child going? To bed? It looks like pajamas to me, and sure enough the kid has no trouble sleeping. He kind of looks like a Keebler Elf. I couldn’t really see the mom’s look, and I don’t understand the connection to the child’s look. Sophisticated grey = playful red costume? Maybe she’s on her way to a dinner and dropping her kid off at the nanny’s.

Elena (OUT)

DM: Hates it. Again, it just looks like baby clothes you can get from Wal-Mart. She’s cute, but it’s just because that kid is so freakin’ cute. But her diaper top was hanging out I think? Is that the baby equivalent of having the top of your thong hanging out of the top of your jeans? Mom is OK. But what is up with designers thinking that adding a tail to something makes it designed? Her top would be so much cooler without all the fabric hanging off like a flap of skin.

MJ: Hates it. So I have shopped for baby clothes at that exact same Kids ‘R Us, and this is exactly what you will find in the sale section. It’s so gawdy and expected. Once again everyone blows a load over this jacket. Are jackets super important to infant wardrobes? Apparently. The mom is, for sure, put together and professional, but so what?


DM: Loves it. He looks like a little man with a baby flair. How adorbs is that hat?? And I actually really like mom’s look too. It’s super simple, but Fabio’s signature loose cut makes her look really hip, but not so hip that she couldn’t go to a southern family get-together and get church-mom glares from the older aunts.

MJ: Loves it. I didn’t realize this wasn’t separates. It seems comfy and simple yet reads as an actual outfit that you wouldn’t think twice about taking out in public. I like all the piping. It’s sort of baby Hamptons. The mom’s dress is a yawn for me. I realize they didn’t have much time for the second looks, but then why require second looks if they all spew out such mundane work?


DM: Hates it. That vest is so cutesy it makes me want to vom. I mean, I know you are dressing a baby, but still, adults have to look at it, right? Mom looked disheveled.

MJ: Hates it. It’s America’s Next Top Baby Coat Designer! Not to belabor this too much, but who cares about baby coats? This one’s not even really anything. It’s a vest that wants to be a coat, or vice-versa. The white dress is completely featureless. She kind of looks like a mental patient. The mom’s look is totally fine, but I’m not wowed by anything.

Sonjia (WINNER – BOYS)

DM: Loves it. If it were made out of more expensive fabrics, it looks like something you would see a star wearing at the Grammys. But it’s soft baby fabrics! And mom looked uber-cool, too. I would totally wear that. And it looks easy enough to chase the little guy around in.

MJ: Loves it. I do not necessarily love kids inherently, and even I think this is totes adorable. I love the collar and pockets. I love that it’s very suitsy on top of casual shoes and a tank top. He seems to be enjoying himself. Heidi should rip off this idea immediately! I do like the mom’s jacket’s jaggedness, but there’s nothing to say about the dress. Were the designers allowed to use only grey this week?


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