Project Runway: Seasons 10, Episode 10 – The Rockettes

There’s no time to waste! We must discuss this week’s Project Runway looks!

Christopher (WINNER)

MJ: Loves it. Of course he wins. The skyline is beautiful and clever. I think the judges overlooked the fact that it’s not super appropriate for the Rockettes; it might be better for say a living window display on 5th Avenue. Still, it’s obviously very iconic New York City and yet unique. It’s interesting how close the buildings come to exposing nipple, yet I don’t find this look overall slutty. He didn’t even seem to really have a hard time this week, which is all the more impressive.

DM: Likes it. It is beautiful. And unique. I’m worried one of her boobs is trying peek through the skyline like the sun. I wish the skirt had more movement and that it was a more vibrant color, like a more vibrant white. As it is, I sort of think the design melts into the model’s skin-tone. How are people supposed to see that from the back row?


MJ: Likes it. Is it maybe more of a dance competition costume? I suppose that’s still in the right vein. I really like the color and texture, and the fringe is great. I could do without the single long sleeve, but it isn’t bothersome. The boobs are a little risqué, shall we say? It’s a little Vegas.

DM: Loves it. I am obsessed with the way the skirt moves. And it’s Dmitry, so it fits like a glove. And it’s the right amount of sparkle and pop to not be too much up close and still make  a statement from far away.


MJ: Dislikes it. I really honestly don’t hate this. Maybe in person it’s less flattering, because the judges really let her have it. Maybe Elena needed to be broken down so that she can do something amazing for the rest of the season. I don’t love the fabric, and the strange way it’s draped over the crotch is doing no one any favors. I actually don’t hate the cut-outs and necklace, except that they are probably more appropriate for figure skating. Why did no one point that out? It’s way less circusy than competitive. It’s also a little slouchy for no apparent reason.

DM: Hates it. It’s saggy and sad, which is a strange accomplishment for such a sparkly garment. And what’s going on with that weird saggy triangle crotch?


MJ: Loves it. I’m surprised he wasn’t in the top. The way he’s treated the metallic fabric is historic — referencing both ancient Rome and art deco architecture — yet the neckline seems modern. I could see this on a Rockette. I wanted to hear what the judges thought, but alas he was safe.

DM: Love/Hates it. I LOVE the skirt. The way it moves is so interesting, but I HATE the top. It’s just so covered up. That matte material seemed unnecessary. If it needed to be there, could it at least be sheer? And maybe the neckline needed to be just a tad bit lower? It’s so awkward where it is.


MJ: Dislikes it. The look is very confusing. When Melissa described her many-paneled design, I was expecting more than two colors. And the hat. What’s with the hat? This is old Hollywood baseball hot dog vendor realness. Or maybe an extra in a Howard Hughes biopic in a scene where he chooses a model to clean up his urine. I don’t know. It’s saying a lot and nothing at the same time. Why the structured 3D neckline? Why is it so short? What is it with this season and struggling to cover coochie?

DM: Loves it. The color combo is perfect. The 1 doesn’t bother me so much. I don’t think I would have noticed it if no one had said anything. I like that she tried a new neckline for the Rockettes that is very much keeping in her aesthetic. That neckline is sort of her signature, I think. And who cares if it is a little too short on the runway. If it’s going to be mass-produced, you know they are going to make little tweaks anyway.


MJ: Dislikes it. This look makes me sad, not because it’s horrible, but because the feather skirt held promise. She just didn’t know where to go from there. I disagree that you can’t possibly wear feathers as a dancer. The judges made it seem like this costume would burst into feathery flames onstage! Come on. I’m sure it could be glued or anchored somehow. But Sonjia just couldn’t reconcile it. The shimmery lavender top is like the exact material they use on Star Trekfor sheets — it’s supposed to seem advanced. “See, it’s shiny…it’s the future!” Props to Sonjia’s model for trying to sell it.

DM: Hates it. I liked the idea of the feathers, although I knew it was a poor costume choice for girls who really needed to move in them before the judges said anything. The thing that bugs me the most is that there is just NO design for the neckline. It looks like a suit of armor. Do the Rockettes need to be so chaste that they need armor to protect their bodies from wandering eyes?

Ven (OUT)

MJ: HATES IT. Oh holy garbage! How is this on television? Ven really went from wunderkind to hot disaster in only 10 episodes. There is nothing redeeming about this look, except maybe the color. But this isn’t America’s Next Top Fabric Picker Outer. The triangle cutout is bizarre. Is it nude or just a slightly different color? Unclear. And why isn’t that motif repeated or referenced elsewhere? It was just like, “oh crap, I made this shitty boring trash dress…better throw in a random triangle on the stomach…because that’s more dancy.” I hate Ven and am happy to see him go.

DM: Hates it. I am so glad he’s gone. For the life of me, I can’t imagine why he made the most boring garment ever imagined. Did he really think he would not be sent home for that. This is proof that he can’t think of anything creative except his fanned floral trick.

Top Three Predictions

DM: Christopher, Dmitry by far and I guess Melissa. But Fabio is a close 4th and Sonjia a close 5th. Elena for me is a very distant 6th. She never seems to get it right and might just be lucky to have made it this far. P.S. I really want to see them make outfits for MJ personally. I’ve been having so many PR contestant sightings recently that maybe I should just ask them if they will…

MJ: Christopher for sure. Dmitry is nothing if not consistent, so I’m thinking Top 3 for him. I’m going with Fabio as a distant third in my Top 3, mostly because none of the other designers seem sophisticated and not crazy. I think he could sneak by. P.S. I’m excited for next week when the challenge is to make an outfit for a baby. They have officially run out of things to make outfits for. Can one challenge be to make outfits for me personally?


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