Once Upon a Time: Season 2 – Premiere

Things are changing this season on Once Upon a Time. In the first season we learned that Storybrooke, Maine is filled with characters who had been cursed by the Evil Queen to forget everything and spend eternity in Maine…a fate worse then death. At the end of last season, the curse was lifted, and a purple smoke haze brought magic and memories back, but the inhabitants of Storybrooke were never transported back to their fairy tale world. That is the best that I can do to fill you in because, honestly, this is not a show you can start in the second season. I am not entirely convinced this is a show you should start in the first season, but oh well, here we are.

Present Day

So the Smoke Monster brought purple magic back to Maine. All the inhabitants remember their past lives and relationships. Apparently there are other characters throughout the country who are also aware that the curse has lifted. But oops, everyone is still stuck in present day. Mr. Gold and Regina are still evil and seem to be battling each other to determine who gets the power — which leads to Mr. Gold sicking a wraith on Regina to suck out her soul and kill her. Because of the many intermingled parent/child relationships in this town, Regina’s life must be spared. She attempts to banish the wraith but accidentally sends Snow White and Emma Swan through the portal into the past.

Past Fairy Tale Time

We meet Sleeping Beauty and Mulan (thanks ABC parent company Disney!), and we learn that when the Evil Queen cursed the land, a tiny corner of it was left untouched. This corner was frozen in time while a darkness has spread across the land. There are also wraiths in this land. At the end of the episode we see Snow and Swan laying in some rubble; it seems they are going to spend a little time in this world.

So, a lot happened this episode. Several new characters were introduced, and it seems we are going to be spending more time in the past fairy tale time.

Random Notes of Whimsy

Mulan: Does it bother anyone else that she is played by a Korean woman? Sure, ABC, just find some random person of Asian descent, and call them Chinese. Mulan is a legendary Chinese heroine. Come on. Racist. Oh, and why does she have a super high hair poof? It looks ridiculous.

Smoke Monster: Good for the smoke monster, for continuing to find work. From LOST, he spent some time on True Blood, and now he is here on Once Upon a Time. What an impressive resume.

Wraith: I understand that JRR Tolkein does not own the rights to all things wraith, but come on, this is a straight up Ringwraith. It is attracted to jewelry and likes to kill. But it also sucks out souls, so maybe it is part Dementor? Copyright, that is all I am saying.

Sleeping Beauty: You look like a young Ellen Pompeo. Or maybe you actually are Ellen Pompeo, because I am pretty sure Grey’s Anatomy  was cancelled.

In conclusion, I am glad that Once Upon a Time is mixing things up in the second season, though I am not convinced it deserved a second season. Who knows, maybe Mulan will prove me wrong.


2 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time: Season 2 – Premiere

  1. Jerch says:

    Nice try, corporate robot.

  2. JimmyMackey says:

    I lost interest in One Upon A Time when they started weaving too many stories into the mix that I didn’t care that much for knowing about. Now that I started watching this season, I wish I had seen last season’s finale, but thanks for catching me up. Honestly, I wouldn’t have even thought about watching if I hadn’t seen it on my recordings yesterday. It’s a pity I didn’t see the premiere but the shows delete themselves after 8 days. Now I can’t wait to find out how they’re going to get back, and who is going to win, Rumplestiltskin or The Queen.

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