SNL Weekend Update Thursday: Episode 2

Please tell me this is the last Weekend Update I will have to suffer through on an otherwise happy Thursday night! I mean, what the fuck, Seth Meyers, must you ruin everything you touch?

The show started with a political cold open —  a town hall meeting with Obama in Ohio. This was not funny because it was a little bit too true. Jokes about the unemployed, foreclosed homes, meth addiction and immigration were kind of depressing. Kudos to Jay Pharaoh, though. He is continuing to impress with his Obama impression.

There was a commercial about replacement referees for the NFL. Yes, we get it, taking refs from the Lingerie League was a bad idea. But do real people care about football? I mean, when it is not part of “Friday Night Lights.”

Cecily Strong has played several different characters on Weekend Update (and I am specifically talking about Weekend Update interview characters). She has received significantly more air time than either of the other new cast members, but I am unimpressed with the characters she has played. Congrats, Cecily on playing a dumb Latina woman and a dumb party girl. You sound dumb. And you are not that funny.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his translator were funny, but I am getting thoroughly tired of Nasim Pedrad speaking in the same nasally voice for every character. We get it, Kristin Wiig left big shoes to fill, but you are ruining it.

All in all, I am glad that this Thursday night travesty is over….for now. I can only assume that as we get closer to election day, more of these topical, yet poorly executed sketches will seep their way into the weekdays.

God help us all.

And Seth Meyers. Kill Yourself.


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