Project Runway: Season 10, Episode 9 – Print Challenge

I really loved the flashback to Mondo’s season, when he used a plus sign as the basis for his unique print, stemming from his HIV+ status. His look was winning in its own right, but the personal connection really sent it over the reality waterfall edge. It was more than memorable. For once I don’t mind the HP product placement, since in this challenge the touch-screen capabilities [and side note: a Mondo-inspired laptop bag] really do enhance the abilities of the designers. Wasn’t Elena super cute when her mom walked in? I of course loved that her mom had an equally edgy look. My only real complaint with the challenge was that the designers were forced to create a garment inspired by their personal history.T

  1. This was a forced connection with Mondo’s very real reveal a few seasons ago
  2. Shouldn’t they always be designing from a personal place? Sure, they aren’t designing for themselves literally, but they’re supposed to always send something down the runway that truly speaks to their inner designer selves.

However, this is a minor complaint, since usually the prints are uniformly fine; it’s more a question of scale (too big = gawdy…too small = indistinguishable) than the individual drawing that ultimately becomes the pattern’s unit.

Lastly, the cuteness award goes to Fabio’s boyfriend.

Anyway, on to Loves It / Hates It! You can see all of the looks here.


MJ: Dislikes it. This is the sort of pant that I would wear to a client’s house, meaning it is just fancy enough yet makes a statement. Still, what is ground-breaking about this look? It’s a well-tailored paint with an eye-catching print paired with a chic yet boring long-sleeve black top. I want to think the top has detail that is lost in television. I do like the sloped back.

DM: Loves it. Great cut and print. The only thing that throws me off a bit is the shiny waistband. What’s that about?


MJ: Dislikes it. I do not actually hate the print, although it is eye-scorching for sure. I’m just not sure about this look as a whole. We have an intentionally forgettable grey skirt being covered by this very loud statement jacket. OK. I mean, that’s a thing, I guess. What how is this high fashion? I sort of think it is a great cover up for Zoe Saldana when she’s attending the Toronto film festival.

DM: Loves it. This is actually my favorite for this challenge. I think the print is young and hip and also the feature of the ensemble. And it keeps in Elena’s aesthetic. I think this is how she has been wanting to design all season. But she’s still heinous…


MJ: Hates it. I was prepared to not care about the fact that he covered up the pattern, but that is not why I hate it. It is overall boring and seen many times before. The model looks very frumpy, worst of all.

DM: Hates it. The dress is ill-fitting and boring. And I don’t get ladybugs from that print at all… which is sad, because I think if it has been more ladybug-esque it might have been more interesting.


MJ: Dislikes it. I do like the pattern, and I’m yet to hate Ven’s altogether familiar fan technique. But neither of those forgives what is arguably a boring and mundane silhouette. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say we have seen almost this very same look before.

DM: Hates it. I was so ready for him to go home this week. But the fit of this dress isn’t amazing. And the print is not exciting. He’s definitely designing for a Real Housewife with this one.


MJ: Likes it. His pattern held maybe the most promise, yet he was maybe the least brazen with its use. The overall look isn’t super unique, but I give him props for the model’s styling and the overall futuristic approach.

DM: Likes it. This garment just looks like someone who looks like Fabio designed it. I like that the print is understated, but it’s almost too understated to actually win a challenge like this. Oh and that model’s hair is ridiculous and I love it.


MJ: Likes it. Again, I really enjoy the pattern, and there is nothing really abhorrent about it. It just isn’t so unique. This was almost a dislike, for the sheer boredom of it all, but at least Melissa made her model attractive.

DM: Loves it. I want it. I love the high neck in the front and the lower(ish) back. It’s sexy sophisticated. The bump-it look is so Texas though…


MJ: Loves it. I love that he went with a winter jacket-esque top and yet a slinky summer skirt paired with boots. His pattern is maybe the least abstract, in that it is basically black and white birds. The statement it makes is somehow more vibrant than the others, and I’m growing to like Gunnar week after week.

DM: Hates it. There are no words for how bad this is.


MJ: Loves it. He is the only designer to not really use the pattern to create an overall look. Further, his jacket’s peek-a-boo seams are quite original. His model neither looks old nor immature. It’s a rather universally attractive ensemble. I really like it, and the more I look at it, the more I see. Yet, ti’s sort of simple?

DM: LOVES IT. This is one of those rare moments on Project Runway where there is a genuinely new design. That jacket is crazy in the best way possible. HOW did he do that? And his print is just ok, so I actually think the peek-a-boo effect was genius on his part. Did I mention I’m obsessed with this jacket?


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