Project Runway: Season 10, Episode 8 – Starving Artist

Have there even been this many team challenges in Project Runway history? There have been almost as many team as individual challenges this season. Because we like misery? I have to say that this was maybe the first time the interactions between the various team members did actually provide insight into the design process. However, that doesn’t forgive the theme of the episode. What was the connection between making crap clothes to sell on the street and this being a team challenge where that money was used to buy materials for a fall collection? Fall collection = street selling…somehow.

The award for best “what the shit is that hot garbage” confessional cut-aways definitely goes to Alena, who is slowly moving away from love-to-hate to just plain love.  There were a lot of great lines from Dmitry to: “Alena, you wake up mad.” “Alena is walking depression.” And so on. On to Loves it / Hates it!

Alicia (OUT) / Dmitry / Elena

DM: Hates it. God that shawl looks like it’s for a sad dead squaw. Although I can’t help but love Dmitry’s dresses. I don’t care if I’ve seen it before. I want all of them. And I like the inside out darting. He makes it look clean. But dear lord what’s going on with that coat Elena made? It looks like something a homeless astronaut would wear. The fact that I’m not even mentioning Alicia’s work is probably why she’s going home…

MJ: Hates it. Oh holy fuck what is that coat? It is very weirdly structured, which is apparently Elena’s thing. I hate the coat’s collar, though I do like the detail inside along the zipper. This maybe photographs well, but it is unrealistic. Dmitry’s dress I don’t dislike, but it feels out of place, and yes repetitive, here. I don’t mind the scarf, since it only covered up Dmitry’s work, and the model took it off halfway through anyway. Was he just trying to stress the fallness of it all? Alicia’s contributions to this collection border on boring and forgetful. She’s purportedly a menswear designer, but she can’t even make a strong statement pant.

Gunnar / Christopher / Sonjia (WINNER)

DM: LOVES IT. Both the jacket and the coat are AMAZING. And the leather detailing on the dresses makes me wet.

MJ: Dislikes it. Agreed, the blocky long structured dresses do steal the show, but they don’t, like, completely blow me away. I like them. I don’t see the connection with the coats, and I don’t see how the coats go together. Actually, each separate piece doesn’t really go with any other. Are the long camel coat’s sleeves part of the dress or the coat? I assumed it’s the coat, since there are leather half-sleeves at the end, but it turns out they were part of the dress. Everything is very mish-mashy. At least it is not boring, but as a whole the collection is confused.

Fabio / Melissa / Ven

DM: Hates it. Oh my god I hate these looks so much. The color choices are weird… And I hate that dropped white jacket. It looks so 90s housewife to me. I have a strange affinity for Fabio’s coat, though. It also looks like something a homeless person would wear, but in a way that beatnik grad students would copy. Where the eff was Ven on this challenge? Not that I missed his douchebaggery.

MJ: Hates it. Everything is sloppy. I hate the pink shirts. Their hemlines are a mess. Why are they shear? The matching socks are an abomination. How is this fall clothing? What woman wears a nun skirt paired with a shitty shirt and then a sample sale white tiny jacket? The  white jacket’s collar is just plain bad. The dowdy grey coat is maybe the worst of the episode. It has no redeeming qualities. It is the same drab grey coat everyone in New York wears when the weather switches to cold and rainy for October. I hate all of it. Who is wearing these? A prep school teenager with really terrible style.

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