Project Runway: Season 10, Episode 6

It’s the regular person / Loreal co-branded design challenge, where invariably everyone bitches and moans about how unfair their fat clients are. It’s hilarious how little enthusiasm the Project Runway designers have at the prospect of making clothes for real people. Not sure why this has occurred to us yet, but Dmitry is Count Chocula in human form. You see it? Oy, it’s hard to watch Ven, who is particularly demeaning to his client. Ironically, he is the most “plus size” of the contestants.

The designers are once again totally underwhelming. Why aren’t the judges hammering them more? In past seasons there have been better outfits that were torn apart in judging. Is it true what DM suggested, that they are scraping the bottom at this point? We’ve never been so bored so consistently week after week with the off-the-shelf looks, which, speaking of…

Nathan – OUT

MJ: Dislikes it. It’s not particularly original or interesting, and it’s more than a little slutty, but I think it accomplishes the goal of making a normal woman look and feel sexy. He addressed her desire to show skin with sheer panels and full-length mesh sleeves, which I understand. My problem is that it just looks so utterly trashy. The taste level is beyond questionable. The quilted bodice wants you to think it’s a high fashion look, but the shiny navy fabric and stiletto heals say nothing but hooch. HOOCH.

DM: Hates it. Oh dear god. I’ll just say this. Why on earth did that model want to show off her abs? What abs??

GC: Hate it. Poor Nathan. It looks like Kim Kardashian and a 80s hooker rolled into one. It might be okay if it didn’t have those mesh sleeves, but even then it has a sweetheart neckline and woven front. Feels very 2007. He got steamrolled and that’s why he went home.


MJ: Likes it. Clearly, the client likes the way she looks. It conforms to her body well, and that pink fabric is pretty. The skirt is sort of forgettable. Overall, it’s flattering. I just can’t get over the oddly bunched hem on the top. What’s going on? It wants to be fitted and flowing at the same time.

DM: Loves it. I also love that she wasn’t a bitch to her client when it seems very likely that she would be. And I think she made a flattering yet INTERESTING silhouette for her model.

GC: Meh. I love the skirt, it makes the client look and feel great. BUT THAT TOP. Heavens. Don’t put a white woman in ecru/beige/cream that close to her skin color. WASH OUT.


MJ: Hates it. Oh my what a heap of crazy! She has to hold it all together. There is a random dart poking out over her boob. Her hair is terrible. The red purse draws too much attention. It’s super unclear what this dress is for. Happy fun time massage?

DM: Dislikes it. I don’t think that silhouette did the model any favors so I don’t know why Melissa was complaining about the model keeping on the wrap. But that wrap was still pretty terrible. Where is this woman going in this outfit?

GC: Fine. It’s Fine. I can’t really see it because of the scarf, so I will say it’s fine because there are so many other horrible looks coming our way.


MJ: Dislikes it. Don’t be distracted by the fun connection he made with his client as a person. This design is not altogether disagreeable — and the fabric treatment is interesting — I just can’t stop looking at the poor construction. Am I wrong? The seams look like they are not straight and uniform. Or are they supposed to be slightly diagonal? I want it to be one way or the other. The sheer hemline is bizarre. It’s like a dress you might pick out for yourself and love, but then when you show up at an event people tell you the sad truth.

DM: Neutral about it. It doesn’t particularly stand out to me, but he clearly made his model feel effing fantastic because she WORKED that runway, honey.

GC: Like it. I don’t think I like the dress; I just love this woman and got caught up in her sway and sass. And I think the judges did too. It’s fine and all, and it looks great on her, it’s just not my thing. The top also looks badly sewn; it’s all pulling around those big boobs.


MJ: Hates it. Wow did she luck out with a thin model. But twist! Alicia designs menswear. So…why didn’t she do something really edgy and masculine? Her client is gorgeous and very feminine, so just imagine what a fierce tailored high-wasted pant combined with a skinny top might have looked like. Total missed opportunity. The dress is simple, juvenile, and puckering all over the place. Is this what she’s making to win Project Runway?

DM: Hates it. Likes it in theory, but it’s executed poorly and looks cheap. It’s just too shiny and ill-fitting.

GC: Like it. It looks like a little simple sweet ice cream candy confection, but in vanilla. I like Alicia and all but she is no drama and always safe. Is she a wild card waiting until all the crazies go to pull out the big guns, or is she coasting by unnoticed by the claws of Klum,Kors, Garcia, and Random Guest Judge?


MJ: Loves it. If Ven had a skinnier model he would have made this. The client looks spectacular. It’s sad that we didn’t get to see the jacket, but the dress is fine by itself. I have no complaints.

DM: Likes it. I actually liked the jacket. I think? The model balled it up so quickly it’s hard to remember. But it’s flattering. Nothing too special, but this challenge is always hard to make something special.

GC: Like it. It’s looks simple and elegant and good on his girl, but is boring. I have no feelings about Christopher. MORE DRAMA.


MJ: Loves it. For all the hemming and hawing over how fat his client was, Ven really did turn it out for her. She looks pretty great. I don’t know if the point was to slim her down, but it worked. I like that the tempting front zipper slit. I like the big blue shoulder flaps. The only thing I don’t like is the client’s smug expression. Maybe it’s worth suffering through a demeaning meeting with your designer if in the end he makes you look like this?

DM: Finally his true colors are revealed. This guy is an asshole. And he has no room being bitchy about ANYONE’S weight. And everything he made was boring and ugly. That woman deserved so much better.

GC: Hate it. I can’t even say anything about how horrible this look is before commenting that he is the fattest one in the whole bunch and complained endlessly about his plus sized girl. He is a dick for making that poor woman and her friend cry on TV. That being said, I still hate the look. The skirt is okay, but that zipper makes it look cheap, and that BEA ARTHER top. Jesus. Go home fatty Ven.


MJ: Hates it. If you had synesthesia this dress would sound like “blergh” to you. Dmitry was just like, “ho ho ho, here’s another boring-ass simple dress I pooped out yet again.” It’s getting old. In a way I think he sort of cheated because this wouldn’t have worked on a model who wasn’t so skinny. He didn’t really address her curves.

DM: Loves it. Or maybe I loves the model’s new hair?? But I actually think the dress is a great make-over for this girl. I guess you can’t really do something too special when it’s supposed to be everyday-wear that’s palatable to someone who isn’t really into fashion.

GC: Did he win? I can’t even remember, and I watched the damned thing two days ago. That’s how boring this challenge and all the outfits were. I like it fine. Thought it does look like something I could pull off the rack at the Marshall or the Calvin Klein Outlet.

Fabio – WINNER

MJ: Loves it. Finally, something different! I don’t remember what his client’s real job was, but I could seriously see this being worn by a gallery owner at an opening. Or on a really cool realtor showing me a penthouse loft. Or on a designer of bespoke wood furniture. I guess what I’m saying is it’s edgy yet versatile. She stands out but isn’t compromising anything. This was really the only truly original dress, which is sad. I really love the belt too.

DM: Loves it. Truthfully I think this length doesn’t do anyone justice and should never be made, but I think it made the model comfortable and that was part of the challenge. And again, one of few designers who actually designed on this challenge.

GC: Love it. I really want it. This was the only memorable dress (in a good way). I think he did the challenge perfectly. He got his little construction worker client to look amazing and wear a dress. It’s really interesting will all the pieces, and it’s conservative and edgy. Everything his girl wanted and then some. I hate to say good job to the Freegan but he did really well.


MJ: Dislikes it. It’s the lovechild of Nathan and Christopher’s dresses. We have seen this dress SO MANY times. Enough already. You bunched up some silky shiny fabric at the boobs and then structured it out from there. OK? I mean I realize this particular client has probably never looked this good before, but Sonjia could have accomplished that via more creative means.

DM: Hates it. No!!! The proportions are so wrong. The dress is too short and it makes her look like a reverse smurf.

GC: Hate it. The proportions are all wrong, the top knot needs to be 4 inches lowers as does the hem. The color is cute, but we have now seen it a lot this season. Just because it wins the week before, we don’t all need to pick the same color the next week.


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