Cult: Series Premiere

This summer, I had the nerdy privilege of attending Comic-Con San Diego for the first time. Aside from the plethora of cosplay, acne, and virgins there were also premieres. To be more specific, many television and movie studios use Comic-Con to get buzz started on future releases. There are “much-anticipated” premieres (like the first trailer for The Hobbit) and there are some “interesting-but-not-exciting” first peeks (like Hotel Transylvania). What I saw falls very much into a third category called, “what is this and who cares?”

Let me paint the picture for you.

I struggled to find a seat close to the front so I could see the pseudo-celebrities up close. Sure this meant I was squashed next to a morbidly obese, type II diabetic on a Hoveround, but come on, I was getting free TV.

Some mouthpiece for the CW introduced the TV show Cult, describing it as a meta show within a show within a compound. At that description I was already plotting my escape for a bathroom break, and boy, would I be glad I did. 

Let me see if I can do a better job of explaining the plot of this show than the CW publicist. Cult starts off with an introduction to a cult leader Billy Grimm and the investigations made into his illegal polygamy, pedophilia and proselytizing. CHANGE-UP this is actually the premise of a popular modern television show that has a rabid fan following called Cult. The show has hidden messages and easter eggs that the fans can access and forums for them to swap theories and guess outcomes for the show’s characters. BUT, there is something sinister happening with the show, and there actually IS a cult…or something. After a series of crimes, where it seems fans of the show are recreating the show’s plots, a bunch of vaguely ethnic heroes start to unravel the mystery of the show Cult on a different show, also called Cult.

Got it?

Yeah, me neither. True, I did take the aforementioned bathroom break, but I don’t think even those viewers with perfect attendance thought much of the sneak preview.

One could surmise that Cult is making a statement against the rabid fans of shows: he fans who dress up in costumes, who memorize plot points and character histories — the very same fans that pay hundreds of dollars to attend a convention across the country just to celebrate a TV show. Yeah, CW, you really made a great point. At Comic-Con.

This show looks absolutely terrible. Horrible. A confusing train-wreck of twisted plots and multiple personalities. I urge you to steer clear. And, hell, even if I am wrong, and the show turns out to be amazing, you can just get it on Netflix in a few months…and it is better to do that then waste valuable time you will never be able to get back. So avoid this show and send a message to TV executives because we deserve better than Cult.

BONUS: I have a CD/DVD that was given out as payment for sitting through the premiere of Cult.  If you are the first person to comment on why the free gift was a DVD, then you my friend will get it as a gift.


2 thoughts on “Cult: Series Premiere

  1. kaligirls says:

    Why was the free gift a DVD?

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