Project Runway: Season 10, Episode 5

The challenge this week on Project Runway was to create a “fashion capsule collection” for a real world / workplace setting. In a team, with a photoshoot! Was Raul a little too upset about being chosen last? He is kind of not great. There was seriously so much freaking out peppered throughout the episode! Lots of swearing and yelling for no reason. “CAN YOU DO A VEST AND A SKIRT?!?!” Why is this yelled? We also learn that a one-way monkey = one-trick pony. In conclusion, so much yelling.

DM hates team challenges. It stresses her out to have to sit and watch people fight and be whiny and catty. That said, the whole episode she kept wishing they could send Raul, Elena AND Gunnar home because of their bad and selfish attitudes. It’s a team challenge! Be a team player, because if your collection isn’t cohesive, there’s MORE of a chance you’ll get sent home.

On to Loves It / Hates It! Spoiler Alert: The judges seriously disagreed with MJ this week. Does he have bad taste?

Team 1


MJ: Dislikes it. This seems very commercial to me. A long flowy white pant with a schmered pink one-shoulder top. OK. It’s too matronly resort wear for me. Go home. And what’s with the droop over the crotch?

GC: Hates it. It looks like an old lady country club. Again. I think it’s the palette I hate so much. And who want’s a big old Vajayjay fold on your pants? It’s like you are hiding something in there.

DM: Dislikes it. Hello cast member of the Real Housewives. I like the idea of the pant, though.


MJ: Hates it. I don’t like the plain jacket or the even plainer white top at all. The treatment of the skirt’s fabric is mildly interesting, but I still don’t like the pattern. The whole thing looks thrown together and forgettable.

GC: Hates it. Why were the judges so rhapsodic about this look? I hate it. I think it looks boring and old. The skirt is the only thing mildly interesting, and it’s just okay.

DM: Likes it. I really love the skirt and I actually think the jacket is pretty fantastic. Actually, I think I loves it. I’m just feeling underwhelmed by this crop of designers, period.


MJ: Dislikes it. I don’t hate the top, but I abhor the skirt with its ugly pattern panels. Gross, what kind of woman wants flatfront black shirt with gaudy pink sides? Where does this woman work?

GC: Hates it. Soufflé boobs. Michael Kors and Heidi had it right. It’s horrible. It’s like a crappy dress you buy when you are trying to pick up men, and you  don’t care that its ruined or ripped off by the end of the night.

DM: Dislikes it. I always hate racing stripes down the sides of any pants or skirts. I just don’t understand the point. And this just reminds me of my former pageant days where girls would just make heinous interview attire choices. Gunnar is still designing for middle-aged southern women.


MJ: Hates it. Holy crap what is there to like? How is this on Project Runway? A droopy ill-fitting sad black and white dress on a model with an ugly patterned bandana. WHAT IS HAPPENING? I hate it so much. So so boring.

GC: Loves it if it doesn’t include the turban. It’s perfect for all ages. Simple and elegant but wearable for work and a post work cocktail.

DM: Likes it. But not for this challenge? This does not look work appropriate to me at all. I think these judges were forgetting that there are professional women in industries other than fashion… This girl looks like she’s going to the beach.


MJ: Likes it. Maybe it’s just the company he’s keeping, but I somehow don’t hate Ven’s look this week. Sure it is just what he has always made — that sharply tailored draped wavy thing — but I frankly don’t care today. There is something odd about the vaginal flap on the white skirt (Sidenote: why did everyone do a skirt? Women work in pants too…), but I can forgive that.

GC: Like it. Its classic and elegant. Very Ven. I did think that Heidi and Michael Kors were going to say something about the chiffon wafting against the models crotch and outlining it ever so. I mean the camera panned across it and held for god’s sake. Give us something.

DM: Likes it. But we’ve seen it.

Team 2

Melissa (WINNER)

MJ: Hates it. Um, it’s a navy-purple dress with an absurd collar. And? The only thing I marginally am interested in is the single leg slit. Otherwise, how is this A) something new or B) something a modern woman would wear to work? Where is this woman working? The receptionist at a gallery in a Nicolas Cage movie.

GC: Loves it. Where can I buy it? I need it now. Melissa and Dmitry need to have a baby, and then the baby will design all my clothing. I love the color and the neckline. Everybody else looks super boring in comparison. WINNING.

DM: Likes it. There’s certain professions where a woman wearing this dress to work would raise some eyebrows. It’s a bit like a colorful slim-fitting astronaut suit. The collar is leaving room for the helmet. But I love the dress, I just don’t think it translates to most women or most business settings.

Elena / Alicia

MJ: Hates it. She made a sad ill-fitting boyfriend’s wardrobe-for-work look with muted browns and grays. Yay! Totally what I tune in for. She describes it as, “very toned down but still me,” which I can’t possibly disagree with. This is sadly what most women in the art world dress like.

GC: Likes it. It fits the challenge, and the pant is interesting, but overall BORING. And that was made with a fog horn sound. At least they threw in that royal clutch to make it somewhat exciting.

DM: Likes it. I like all of these pieces. Something for the fashionable butch lesbian.

Raul (LOOSER) / Sonjia

MJ: Likes it. I really honestly do like the ruffled [silk?] top. It is pretty and flowing and interesting. The blue skirt is, you know, whatever. I could give or take it. The whole look is not disagreeable.

GC: Likes it. Love the skirt, the color is fresh and interesting. Pencil Skirts always flatter and create curves, good on a skinny ass model. Shirt: Hate it. It looks country club from 2007.

DM: Likes it. I think both are nice enough pieces. I don’t hate the ruffles. Maybe they looked more ridiculous in person?

Elena / Alicia

MJ: Loves it. The shoulders are quite crazy, but in the context of Alicia I don’t mind them. I like the menswear approach, and I actually don’t hate the grey palate because I think the structure and shapes enliven the look. It’s very covering yet sexy.

GC: Likes it. I like the pant just fine, the coat, that’s what it is right? I think I would like it more if I didn’t hate Elena. She is a bitch. But over all very talented. The pant is just fine that’s that. I feel like they never work that great on the runway because of fit time.

DM: Dislikes it. I love Alicia’s pants, and on the runway I thought I liked Elena’s top because it was not an everyday office silhouette, but in the still I kind of hate it. The zipper cheapens it and makes it look costumey. Like little sugar glider wings.


MJ: Likes it. Again, it’s very simple. What is it about this season and simple ready-to-where looks? Aside from the Alice in Wonderland influence there is not much here to admire. Yet, I find myself forgiving Dmitry because he has such good taste and executes so well [and is not a tool]. I could do without the skin flaps in the back.

GC: Loves it. Where can I buy it? I need it now. Fuck Elena for saying navy was dowdy. He worked it. Tim Gunn style. The back is slightly slutty.

DM: Likes it. From the front it’s perfect, but there’s no way anyone who works in a professional office could wear a dress with cutouts right above her ass… Unless they want the unsexed IT guys getting worked up…

Raul (LOOSER) / Sonjia

MJ: Loves it. I really like the draped skirt, although it sort of looks like the model has a hard time walking? No matter. She looks fierce. Here is another example of something simple and muted yet still works because of the attention to clean lines and body. Still, is it just me, or is it weird to use see-through material in a skirt? You can see through it when the model spreads her legs.

GC: Loves it. I know the judges thought the top was boring, but it was the perfect paring for this awesome skirt, plus it would look killer with some skinny jeans. Good job Raul, even though I don’t like you and you’re gone. Skirt, you would look horrible on me, and probably most people, but I love you anyway.

DM: Dislikes it. I don’t understand how that top is being called a vest? And why is no one commenting on the fact that the skirt makes the model look like a kangaroo?


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