Project Runway: Season 10, Episode 4

This season’s contestants are quitting left and right! We’ll miss Kouen, or however he spells his name. We didn’t really get to see much of him. Wouldn’t it have been fun to see how he tackled the other challenges? DM is really not wowed by any of the designers on this season. She’s very turned off by many of them, and doesn’t really like any of them. Very few of them have any real strong design aesthetic. It’s like the producers and casting directors were scraping the bottom of the barrel this season, which is apparent in the way so many of them just can’t handle the pressure and just decide to give up so early on.

And good lord does MJ not care for Christopher. What is going through his mind? DM disagrees. They are going to fight about Christopher all season. DM adds, “And seriously who is Nathan? I keep forgetting.” Indeed. In general MJ finds the contestants to all be sufficiently interesting as people but fairly boring as designers. And why are most of them so afraid of color? And fun? It’s like they all want to design for the store they have back home in Muncie rather than a runway in Milan.

Finally and most importantly, GC’s back in the loves it/hates it game! Her hilarious comments have been retroactively added to this season, so please do go check out our earlier recaps.

Sonjia – WINNER

GC: Loves it. I think it totally deserved to win. It flatters many ages and could go from day to night just by changing shoes. It’s perfect, and it would hug curves like a dream.

DM: Likes it. It would be a “loves it” if it didn’t have the weird side tail. What is with these designers thinking women need fabric hanging off of their bodies in strange places?

MJ: Dislikes it. Does it feel a little…FIT graduate student? It’s too simple for me. And is it weird that we can see through the skirt when the model spreads her legs?


GC: Likes it. I could never wear it, but I would like the girl who can. The proportions are interesting but still simple enough to transition.

DM: Likes it. It’s hard to judge her in this challenge because the woman she designs for is not necessarily glamorous, and that was part of the challenge. I think the tailoring and the little details like the collar are super cool. Is it like a “wow ohmygod I’ve never seen anything like that” design? No. But it’s so well made with cool little details that I could see a lot of people willing to throw down some cash for some signature pieces from her in their wardrobe.

MJ: Loves it. I really love the shirt. It looks expensive. She chose interesting proportions. It succeeds in being pretty simple and wearable yet unique and special. This is what she should have been doing all along.


GC: I think I like everything separately, but together it’s a little Obi Wan Kenobi. It borders on too costumey. I might dress a postapocalyptic peasant in that. I don’t think it fits the challenge very well.

DM: Loves it. Not really for this challenge because I think I’m afraid of wherever this girl is going at night in this outfit. But wherever it is I bet she’s going to kick some vampire or werewolf ass and look amazing doing it.

MJ: Hates it. Way too much fabric. She looks like she fell into a bin of fabric scraps and grabbed shit on the way out. I don’t understand the hoodie meets dress at all. If she wants to go goth-meth-gamer-girl than go all for it. I’m confused who would wear this. A very tall Mary-Kate Olsen impersonator?

Buffi – OUT

GC: Hates it! It looks like it belongs at Conway. What does it do if you take off the belt? It just looks worse I am sure. Why did Buffi try and make that a point to save her ass? Zebra generally means cheap, especially if in that quantity.

DM: Hates it. I just can’t wrap my head around who she is designing for. I’m pretty sure it’s the Spice Girls.

MJ: Dislikes it. This dress doesn’t so much bother me as it just plain underwhelms me. She put sheer pink over black zebra and then cinched it at the waist. It is what is is. Much time was spent featuring Buffi’s inner turmoil with her design. I like her and her disaffected accent, but I don’t care about her products.


GC: Hates it. The proportions are all wrong, and he did not pattern match the back. It’s so simple. Just take the extra time when laying out your pattern. Everything looks like it shrunk, making that girl look way bigger than she actually is.

DM: Loves it. The judges hating this makes me question my personal taste level. Maybe I have no place contributing to a blog about a fashion competition. But this is something I think I would put on if I knew I needed to wear something to work and then out afterward. Yes the jacket could be longer to make it more downtown cool, but what else is wrong with it?

MJ: Hates it. It’s so obvious and boring. Take an eye-catching print and match it with a monotone bolero. Amazing! Jokes. This is so off the rack it hurts me. I don’t care that it’s made well. Design, Fabio, design!


GC: It’s OK. I think I would really like it if it were in charcoal and black. I love the cut of the top. It’s not my favorite, but it’s not the worst thing out there.

DM: Hates it. WTF is this? That skirt could be cool if the colors weren’t putting me to sleep. But why on earth would you design a top with a panel of rouching over the boobs? Why are some the designers insistent on creating looks that look like they could only be sold in Wal-Mart this season?

MJ: Loves it. My only complaint is that the top doesn’t go with the skirt, though I like both individually. The skirt’s hemline with the white fabric peeking out is really pretty. I don’t know that I like the proportions, but it seems sellable. I think if you saw that on a mannequin with appropriate styling and such, you’d buy it.


GC: Loves it. Though as a blonde…that color would kill me. I wish he had not matched the shoe. Blonde hair, Blonder dress, Blondest shoes. I love the little half capelet.

DM: Likes it. Pretty. Well-made. At least there’s color. There’s a little weird tail on the back. But is it bad that I don’t remember him AT ALL from the previous episodes?

MJ: Likes it. Again, it’s super simple, but I can find nothing I hate about it. It reminds me of something the mom on Gossip Girl would wear to pick up her kids at the prison. Nathan seemed to interpret his girl pretty close along these lines. Just look at her hair, and that scowl? “Yes, I am rich,” she smizes to us.


GC: Like it. It’s very simple and could transition from day to night. I just wish it were in a more fun color. I consistently like him, and his designs and skills are very strong.

DM: Likes it. It’s pretty. It’s tailored. It’s boring.

MJ: Dislikes it. This one I was a little on the fence about. Just like so many of the others, it’s very simple, but in contrast to the other designers I think Dmitry makes smart decisions and knows when to hold back. “Oh the challenge is to make a sellable look for Michael Kors? Poof! Here’s a little black dress I had absolutely no trouble making.” It’s just not exciting. I like Dmitry, though.


GC: Likes it. I hate the color, though. It looks like a cream mermaid dress. The asymmetrical zipper is super cute, though.

DM: Hates it. Finally my feelings toward him and my feeling toward his designs line up. The color is off-putting, and it doesn’t move that well when she walks. And Ven, a zipper does not a day-look make…

MJ: Hates it. A rare miss for Ven, and I find this look bordering on vulgar. The zipper up the front is menacing. I find the whole thing more than a little violent. And once again we have his supposedly signature draping bullshit at the bust. Ven is exactly that contestant that the judges love at the beginning but grow to hate as he makes countless identical looks.


GC: Hates it? Raul and his belts! Just take off the belt. I think underneath is okay, but I can’t tell because of that 90s metal belt.

DM: Hates it. I can honestly say that when I went back to look at stills from the runway I felt a little nauseous when I saw this one again. Everything is wrong. The print. The belt. TWO weird tails in the front. The poor sewing skills. Nothing’s good.

MJ: Hates it. Where to start? It looks unfinished. It looks like a costume worn by an extra in the background who is supposed to personify 2012’s fashionable teenager. It’s way too much. It’s confusing. Who is wearing this? Which pieces are separates? Why are the collars so huge? Why is there so much going on in the front but then nothing at all in the back? I hate it.


GC: Hates it. She looks like a refrigerator on toothpicks. I think I like what is underneath, but I can’t tell because of the crazy proportions on the top.

DM: Loves it. At least it’s interesting to look at and looks like it belongs on a runway. And technically it’s outerwear that can transition from day to night. I really really like this coat, and I would probably buy it if it were in my price range, which it probably wouldn’t be. I hate these pants, though. Or maybe I just hate that model’s twig legs. Eat a taco for chrisssakes.

MJ: Hates it. While I will compliment her on the originality, especially in light of the hot garbage most other designers sent down the runway, I just cannot get over the boxy jacket. It is trying WAY too hard to be haute. The model seriously looked like she was going to fall over the entire time. I guess the jacket would cushion the fall!


GC: Loves it. Is very chic, and the leather gives it some badass-ery. I would wear it.

DM: Dislikes it. Now I feel like I need to defend him because of the way he was bashed by MJ during the last challenge. I don’t think he’s bratty. I actually think he’s very sincere. He lives with his emotions and his thoughts on his sleeve, and he hasn’t learned to filter yet. He isn’t necessarily my favorite designer, but he is my favorite personality. I totally want to be his best friend, and when your are on a competition on reality TV I think that plays just as much a part in who is rooting for you. Now about his design. It’s nice. It’s black. There’s a front tail on the dress. I don’t love it the way I love Christopher.

MJ: Dislikes it. Again, it’s super boring, but it looks well made. Did every designer decide to make tiny boleros? If that’s part of the challenge, and I missed it, I’d say his is probably my favorite. But that doesn’t absolve Christopher of being supremely unlikable.


One thought on “Project Runway: Season 10, Episode 4

  1. says:

    I’m surprised you guys think these designers don’t have a strong aesthetic. I think they are actually too focused on their aesthetic, forcing them to create disasters like Buffi’s and Elena’s outfits. They are both so inappropriate for this business woman challenge. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing either of those into my office at Dish! I can definitely see what you are saying though about not being enthralled by the designers. In fact, I’ve gotten in the habit of recording episodes so I can fast-forward through all the dull parts. Luckily, I have the Hopper DVR, with loads of recording space so, even if this season continues down this boring path, the hefty hour-long episodes will hardly make a dent in the memory available. We’ll just have to cross our fingers that the designers will start to impress us!

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