BTYM Anniversary: All of the Subheadings

As part of By That You Mean’s anniversary week celebration, we’re bringing back all of the subheadings (those one-liners at the top of each page).

These are, believe it or not, one of the funnest things for us to come up with.

What’s your favorite?

In chronological order (and I loved that we started with the expectation of an award):


*Peabody pending.
*Tens and tens of people served.
*Internationally recognized for stuff.
*more disclaimer than website
*It’s not slander; it’s libel.
*exactly the right amount of information
*an electronic wet spot
*coca cola britney spears disney pokemon
*”Snarky” is totally a word.
*totally not a vanity project
*Not being downloaded since 2011.
*pants not required
*Free to you, and you deserve it.
*pants not required
*now with fewer viruses
*your stem cell research at work
*now baby approved
*best read while at a work computer
*power bottoms welcome
*graduate level sarcasm
*We know things.
*We are so super professional.
*Resistance is futile.
*Webby pending.
*NOT causing suicides.
*Ahhhh, snap!
*Make sure your shots are up to date.
*You’re welcome, future space-lawyers.
*We’re pretty sure this is legal.
*That’s what she said.
*My mom reads it.
*incriminating ourselves daily
*almost always poofread
*If you snark it, they will come.
*one year strong, one year wrong


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