BTYM Podcast: Episode 53 – Anniversary Edition!

Sweet lord can we not believe By That You Mean made it a whole year! We have poured our blood, sweat, and other bodily secretions into this [some might say vanity] project, and it has royally paid off in the form of literally tens of fans.

But seriously, it’s been a fun year, and though we have way too many people and robots to thank, we’d like to put out a special mention to some that made this all possible:

the city of Seattle
that fourteen-year-old at the Test Track ride in Epcot who was considering having a hentai cake
mussel poop
Zoe the dog
babies, fake or otherwise

Avatar the Last Airbender

and many more… 

It would obviously not be a true BTYM anniversary week without a podcast, and to commemorate this our 53rd episode, we’re naturally going to be talking all about ourselves.

As opposed to all those others times we totally didn’t do that.

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