Green Soup: Garlic scape, English pea, scallion

I am a terrible soup maker. This is an amazing soup. You should make it. Go to your farmers market and pick out three green vegetables that look beautiful. Just three! Don’t overdo it.

This past weekend I noticed a pile of very beautiful English peas — something I don’t often find in the grocery store. Hunting around a bit more, I found wonderfully curly garlic scapes (the stems of garlic bulbs). They have a flavor somewhere between garlic and chives, and they are very crunchy. Rounding things out are scallions — both the bulbs and greens.

For this recipe I’ve tried to include actual quantities and cooking times, but on the other hand this is the kind of recipe that you can adjust to your liking without ruining the inspiration.

Chop 1 bunch of scapes (about 20 stalks) into inch-size pieces. Don’t forget to remove the bulbs at the tips. In a large stock pot over medium heat, saute the scapes in a few tablespoons of oil or butter for about 5 minutes. You do not want them to brown. Remember, it’s a green soup!

Remove the bulbs and white stems from a bunch of scallions, resulting in about 1/2 cup chopped parts. Add these to the stock pot and saute a further 2-4 minutes. Again, if browning occurs, lower the temperature and stir more often.

Add 1/2 cup of chopped potatoes then the stock of your choice (mine, chicken) plus additional water to completely cover the vegetables. Bring the soup to a boil and then simmer for 5-10 minutes, or until the potatoes are tender (but not falling apart, mashed texture).

Shell about 1 pound of English peas, wash, and add to the soup. Cover and reduce to a low simmer. Leave for another 2-4 minutes.

Now add the remaining green parts from the scallions — about 1 cup’s worth — as well as a few teaspoons finely chopped herbs of your choice. Keeping with the green theme I opted for basil, sage, parsley, and chives from our tiny farm.

Turn off the heat and puree. If you have an immersion blender and a large enough stock pot, you can save a step. I didn’t have such luck and was forced to transfer to a blender. Of course, be very careful with the now very hot water.

Now taste! Mmm, delicious! And no bacon or cream were necessary. Now’s a good time to adjust the salt, pepper, and herb levels to your taste. A light spritz of white truffle oil finished off my bowl. Oh, and I also thought a bit of lemon zest and juice (approximately half a lemon’s worth) were nice additions. A few days later, though, I realized the acid had slowly broken down the raw elements in the soup. Freezing or eating all in one day would obviate this issue.


5 thoughts on “Green Soup: Garlic scape, English pea, scallion

  1. Curtisvogy says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this recipe! 3 of the items in my box from the CSA this week are shell peas, scallions, and garlic scapes. I was searching for a (relatively) easy way to cook them, and this looks like a good one! Hope it turns out as well for me as it did for you!

  3. Lizzzzzzzz says:

    Looks so good! I would keep half a lemon in my hand, and squeeze a bit on every spoonful.

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