SNL: Season 37 Finale / Mick Jagger

Finally, the end of season 37 of Saturday Night Live. I say “finally” not because I disliked this season, but because I am looking forward to a new, fresh season in August. SNL, the TV series of seemingly infinite do-overs.

Let’s just get down to it. And I am choosing to start at the end.

I had no clue that Kristin Wiig was ending her SNL career until, in the last minutes of the show, the cast and guests banded together to send her off with a tear-filled dance number. Seven years Wiig has been entertaining us (and has arguably been the most talented member of the cast for a few seasons now) and I, personally, am very sad to see her go. I admit it. I cried.

Okay, enough about the Kristin Wiig Experience and on to the rest of the episode.

The Best of the Night

As you can tell by my love of Wiig, some of the best sketches of the night were the ones that featured Kristin Wiig. It makes sense now, after the fact, that Kristin had nothing left to lose and wanted to go out with a bang so she pushed the limits on her characters to make one lasting impression.

The Lawrence Welk Show: with special guest Jon Hamm, we are once again subject to the musical stylings of the Finger Lake sisters (with Wiig as Doonese —  a slightly deformed, baby-handed young woman). This time, instead of being disgusting, Doonese actually finds love. A good ending for a memorable character.

The Secret Word: Another Wiig vehicle in which Mindy Elise Grayson cannot help but say the secret word. With a pitch perfect Jagger as secretly gay action-hero Chaz Bagman, this was another well-rounded, goodbye sketch. With profane words and outlandish musical numbers, it was the reminder of what makes Kristin Wiig great.

So You Think You Can Dance (at an outdoor music festival): I really wanted to hate this, but since it reminded me of every Dave Matthew’s Band concert I have ever been to (that one time), I decided to enjoy it.

Karaoke: One of my all time favorite sketches is when Jimmy Fallon plays Mick Jagger’s mirror double. The self-deprecation that comes with watching a parody of yourself!! Whenever the cast has to openly mock the host, I just get giddy. In this scene, the cast gets up and sings some classic Rolling Stones songs while doing their best “classic Jagger moves.”

The Rest of the Night

I am not going to go into too much detail, but the other sketches fell kind of flat. They were not bad, but they were not great. Honestly, looking back, I see that truly, the night was designed to showcase Kristin Wiig, so anything without her lacked the energy. Overall, the show was enjoyable, but if you are strapped for time, stick to the above sketches.

The Musical Guest

Oh, Mick Jagger…you skinny, dancing sack of leather. Jagger freaks me out for a few reasons.

  1. It always seems like he is chewing gum, but I guess that is just his face and mouth
  2. The thickest part of the leg should not be the knee. That is why I hate giraffes.
  3. Jagger is not a great singer or dancer and he does not play and instrument, yet he is responsible for some of the best music of the last 50 years.

I assume Jagger was playing with various other bands (like Arcade Fire, The Foo Fighters and Jeff Beck) because most of the original Rolling Stones are dead (I am too lazy to investigate this). Overall, the songs were good, energetic, and truly performed by an expert. Mick got to perform not two, but three songs! The last, entitled “Tea Party” was a little strange. A Brit singing a Jazz song about the Presidential election? Pass.

So, Goodbye Kristin Wiig. You will be so greatly missed. I fear this show will struggle without you, but I look forward to your future endeavors.

And, until next time, SNL. Use your summer wisely.


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