Curbside Garden Diary: Week 4

As one of the primary purveyors of BTYM it’s always interesting to see what content strikes a chord. Even though I’m constantly surprised by what is popular and what isn’t, I never would have thought little old Gertrude (the curbside garden) would draw such a digital crowd to mirror her analog fans. This is a diary about a tiny [but lovable] plot of land that is not going to see many changes until later in the summer. It feels like the updates are going to slow to a maybe monthly basis, since most of the activity has happened…for now.

Nonetheless, I have some news to report.

I finally got around to finding rosemary. Thank dog. Not one to take any chances, I bought two small seedlings and one that had already grown into an established teenager. After I planted them, I realized something had eaten all around the edges of the English thyme. The next day, the same thing had happened to the lavender. I would like to think it was a cuddly rabbit, but obviously it was a giant disgusting city rat. My only comfort is the naive thought that these could be poison to rodents. Jokes. They are probably superfood. I’m basically supplying pests with artisanal organic heirloom farmers market delicacies. For free.

Two steps forward, one step back.

Having done all this, I’m already thinking forward to aquaponics. Or is it called “aquaculture?” There’s definitely an aqua- prefix in there somewhere. It needs to be with seafood I 1) want to eat and yet 2) am not afraid to kill. So that takes out all fish, and really anything with vertebrae. Crabs? Muscles? Clearly I am imagining something that isn’t possible until I own a fabulous 2 bedroom with rooftop and/or backyard access. We’ll revisit this in a few years.

Out of no where, my husband’s coworker offered me a bottle of “worm juice.” It is what it sounds like. Or at least, I know that now. (It’s basically worm refuse suspended in water, which is super nutrient-dense.) I just immediately said, “yes…yes I would like worm food.” Because obviously that is what you say to, “would you like this worm juice?” I diluted it in ye old 2 gallon watering can and went to town. It’s nice that the worms saved a plastic  juice bottle to reuse for their poop water.

Lastly, we have birth to report and a funeral to attend to. At long last the first — of what I’m hoping will be dozens — of the asparagus roots I planted near the street side have sprouted the very first frond. It’s kind of adorable. It’s basically what you imagine an ideal asparagus spear to look like…only 10x smaller than normal. I’m amazed that it’s pushed its way through the soil. Let’s imagine it has a personality: It pushed its way through what must have seemed like miles and miles of pitch-black dirt, only to emerge and discover the sun…then realize a 1999 Mazda with an off-color hood was belching carbon monoxide in its face.

Urban Gardening (TM)

And the funeral? Well sadly, and by all accounts completely unpredictably, one of the zucchini plants has committed suicide. It just straight-up called it quits. For no reason. Its sister seedling is doing quite well in fact, actually now almost a little shrub. I imagine the dearly departed plant was either peed on or just wasn’t getting enough light.

But I have no time to grieve. I must find something to replace it, and quickly.


5 thoughts on “Curbside Garden Diary: Week 4

  1. […] time I wrote that one of the twin zucchini plants in the corner farthest from the street (and thus […]

  2. Jerch says:

    Thank you! I took your advice and harvested the loan broccoli crown. I added it to some lentils. It was delicious!

    • Anonymous says:

      Glad to hear it! There’s nothing that saddens me more than broccoli that’s gone to flower!

      Keep gardening – and may your tomatoes bear many fruit!

      • Jerch says:

        Oh I will! Thanks for the tip. Now if I can only get people to look before they open the door and step on my plants (which, granted, are on the street)…

  3. Astorian Gardener says:

    Yo, dude or dudette –
    Stumbled upon your li’l garden last night coming home from a party. Nice work!

    BTW – you’d better harvest that broccoli pretty soon. Looks like it’s getting ready to bolt. You should pluck it while those florettes are nice and tight together, before they elongate upwards, which is what yours are doing right now. The timing’s right for this. I picked mine just last week! Roasted them with some green garlic. There are few things better than eating broccoli on the day it’s been picked – sooo yummy.


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