SNL: Josh Brolin / Gotye

Please forgive me Josh Brolin, but I have no idea who you are. While I know about No Country for Old Men, The Goonies and True Grit, for some reason I never remember your name. So, Mr. Brolin hosted SNL again and actually did a pretty stand-up job. Though his performance within the sketches was solid, he did not stand out in a positive or negative way. When Brolin said he was hosting in support of his movie Men In Black III, I was 90% sure that the movie was released a few years ago. Sorry, MIB, but I don’t care about you. The highlight of the monologue was Josh Brolin as Tommy Lee Jones and Jay Pharoah as Will Smith. It makes me want to see more of Jay Pharoah. More please!!

Best  Sketches of the Night?

If you love Game of Thrones, then you must watch this “behind the scenes” making-of parody.  It will really shine some light on the production of the HBO series. Well, you must watch it if you can find it, due to HBO licensing it is hard to come by.

Then there was some strange Weird Al sketch that actually made me laugh at loud. I confess, I love Weird Al, and the idea he would host a show about song parodies seems likely. Why the sketch was centered around “New York State of Mind” is probably some meta meme humor that escapes me. Still, the rapping was spot on and (aside from Vanessa Bayer’s inability to close her disgusting horse mouth) I enjoyed it.

The Californians” was amazing. I am not sure if there is a SOAP or Lifetime TV show that is actually entitled “The Californians,” but I kind of wish there was. This sketch follows the lives of tanned, slightly drugged, blonde Californians as they talk about California and California-based things. While the subject matter is boring, the accents are hilarious and it seems at any moment the whole cast is going to break character. When the cast enjoys a sketch, it makes me enjoy the sketch. Except for Vanessa Bayer…she was awful in this and really needs to stop breathing through her open mouth.

With references to The Hunger Games, iguanas, student affairs and a stuttering super-stereotypical Principal, the Prom Night sketch was so funny. As I stated earlier, Jay Pharoah is hilarious and he does such skilled impressions. Josh Brolin plays a dirty drunk teacher who spills his guts. I just enjoyed the hell out of this sketch.

Sketches You Should Skip.

Laser Cats.” I just don’t get it. I mean, I get the horrible production value and that Lorne hates the “Laser Cats.” I even get the irony of big Hollywood types (Steven Spielberg, Jake Gyllenhaal, Christopher Walken, James Cameron etc.) loving “Laser Cats” and wanting to support it. But I hate “Laser Cats.” And it is not funny. Please, please stop. There are so many fantastic Digital Shorts, and I understand that not everything can be as amazing as “Dick in a Box,” but retire the “Laser Cats” before I kill myself.

Once again, the “Weekend Update” falls to the bottom of the episode. One of the best parts of this segment are the interviews with recurring characters, but in the past few episodes there has been a noticeable absence. This week was no exception. Sadly, the only guests were Kat and Garth — you know, the weirdos in vests that make up songs on the spot? This segment is hit or miss and relies heavily on sheer randomness/improvisation/goofiness. Well, not this week, dudes.

After some deliberation, I am putting the “Slow Motion Hallway” into the skip-it category. The typical slow-motion intro of the cool kids (see Twilight, Mean Girls, High School Musical) is actually due to a cursed hallway where time stands still. I will give the writer credit, it was original, but the scientist and the peeing and music? Eh, I could live without it.

Now, it’s time for the band.

Okay, I have to admit that I had no idea who Gotye was. The name was unfamiliar…and not really spelled correctly. I will admit that I absolutely love the song “Somebody That I Used to Know” and would sing along to it whenever it was on the radio. I would think to myself, “Hmm, Sting is really trying new things,” or “I thought Peter Gabriel was dead?” never once knowing that this was a song by a young Belgian man. All that aside, the performance was pretty good. I thought Kimbra (the emo chick who is also singing) was off key and her voice kept cracking. Kimbra was, by far the worst part of that performance. I believe it is because “Somebody” is so overplayed that I enjoyed the second song “Eyes Wide Open.”  Gotye is a mix of Sufjan Stevens, The Postal Service and Bon Iver. I love all those bands so, by default, I really enjoy Gotye. Check him out.

Overall, this was a pretty solid show. I had to be very critical to find sketches to avoid because there was something unique, smart and appealing about most of the sketches tonight. Keep it up, SNL. You writers have a little vacation coming up, so make it count and come back in May with some solid material!


4 thoughts on “SNL: Josh Brolin / Gotye

  1. Riley M says:

    I was excited to see Josh Brolin host SNL last week, but when I saw this show, I was a bit disappointed. He wasn’t in that many sketches! Other than that, the other cast was pretty good, especially in the Slow Motion Hallway. I was too tired to watch the show when it aired, but I was able to catch it online. One of the skits that my co-workers and I liked a lot was the Californians because the actors kept breaking character. I hope the next host is funnier and partakes in more skits!

  2. Jerch says:

    I’m kind of a huge fan of the new girl, Kate McKinnon. Seems like they throw newbies into prominent roles early on in order to judge them. She’s done pretty well so far. I am embarrassed to say that I remember her from The Big Gay Sketch Show on Logo, which was terrible. Their budget was so small they just were like, fuck it, and used green screens instead of physical sets.

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