SNL: Sofia Vergara / One Direction

OH, Sofia Vergara. So beautiful. So unintelligible. I love Modern Family and think that Vergara is a excellent part of that ensemble. She has great comic timing and delivery, of course, that is when I can understand what the fuck she is saying. See, at first watch, I thought her accent on Modern Family was exaggerated and fake…but nope, that is just how she talks.

So, accent aside, I had high hopes for this week’s episode, and all in all, it was enjoyable. At several points throughout the episode, I laughed out loud and thought the best sketches were well dispersed — you know, how sometimes, after the Weekend Update the show can drag and you just beg for 1am? Well, that did not happen this time.

The best sketches of the night?

I adore the “Bein’ Quirky with Zooey Deschanel” sketch. I don’t know why because in reality, I find Zooey to be an awful hipster caricature, but man, I love this sketch. It gives the cast a chance to do some truly hilarious impressions (Fran Drescher, Michael Cera and Drew Barrymore) and in general poke fun at celebrities. More please!

The commercial for “Almost Pizza” is a take on how Digiorno was not allowed to legally call their chicken-esque buffalo bites “wings” and had to change it to “wingz.” With all the pink slime and Taco Bell Beef debate, this is actually a very poignant commercial.

The interview news coverage inside the “74th Annual Hunger Games” was also well played. Imagine if you are fighting for your life while hiding in a bush, and a newscaster comes to ask you a few questions? I love the book, love the movie and love that the joke was smartly executed.

I wish I knew who Andy Cohen was, but even if I don’t I really enjoyed the snarky interpretation of anything on Bravo. With the cast of Shah’s of Sunset paired with Desmond Tutu, it is just like Bravo to have real icons and flavor-of-the-week fauxlebrities sharing the same couch. Watching this sketch made me want to watch the real Andy Cohen, and that is a great compliment.

If you want to watch Sofia Vergara poke fun at her accent, then please check out the “Pantene Commercial.” Holy shit, it is funny.

Sketches you should skip.

Sadly, Gilly is back. I do not know how this character ever gained popularity, but it has been at least a year since I remember Gilly popping up on SNL. She needs to go back to wherever she came from. Let Gilly die, please Kristen Wiig. There are so many other better characters to perform; just stop Gilly.

Another recurring sketch that needs to be ousted is “The Manuel Ortiz Show” where every few minutes, the whole group gets up and dances to an awful Latin beat. I hate this sketch because #1) it is not funny, #2) the music is heinous, and #3) the couch that the cast sits on is too low, so every time they have to get up or down, it is painful to watch. Seriously. The couch is the worst.

Now, it is time for the band.

One Direction..whoever they are. Oh, I see, they are some kind of new over-produced boy-band from Britain. Well, never mind then…if Simon Cowell says they are not trash, then they must not be trash. Nope, they are trash. Utter ear garbage. AND, as a girl who grew up with The Backstreet Boys and N’Sync, I know a thing or two about how these pop divos should perform. First, they should actually perform. In One Direction, while one boy sings, the other four stand awkwardly behind him while wearing the tightest pants they could find. A few hair flips here, a pose there, and a good amount of eye-fucking the camera, and BOOM you have One Direction. Pass.

All in all, this show is exactly what I have come expect from SNL. Some great sketches intermingled with some awful sketches and a musical guest I couldn’t give two shits about. Keep it up, Lorne.


2 thoughts on “SNL: Sofia Vergara / One Direction

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    You deserve the best.

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