Once Upon a Time: Episode 18

I have to say that this episode of Once Upon a Time did not do it for me. I had such high hopes since this episode is entitled “The Stable Boy” and is the back story behind the Evil Queen. What makes her so evil? Was she born evil? How did she become a Step-mom? Why does she hate Snow White so much?

Well, okay, these questions are all answered. But not in a very entertaining way. We are making our way to the end of Season 1 and I am hoping for a little more pizzazz at this point.

So what is going on in the present town of Storybrooke? Mary Margaret is still in jail for the murder of Kathryn. Through Sheriff Emma’s sleuthing, we learn a little more about how Mayor Regina has set up Mary Margaret and blah blah blah, this is like a really slow and uninteresting Law and Order episode. There are hints to something horrible happening to those who leave Storybrooke but nothing ever materializes. At the very end of the episode, the supposedly dead Kathryn (whose heart was found under a bridge) is actually alive. DRAMA…ish.

Back in olde time fairytale land, The Evil Queen is not herself…not yet. We flashback to an old maid, spinster Regina who is still living at home. She seems to have the same old fabulous relationship with her loving and doting father. We are introduced to Regina’s very own evil mother. If the picture to the right is any indication, Mommy’s hand is raised because that is how one performs magic. Mommy is powerful and is determined that her little Regina will grow up to be famous and rich. Too bad Regina is in love with the Stable Boy. But then the King wants to marry Regina and yada yada yada, Regina is double crossed by a young Snow White, the Stable Boy has his heart ripped out by Mommy and thus begins the hateful regime of the Evil Queen.

What a lack luster episode.

The one thing I did learn is that all relationships are doomed to fail in Storybrooke. Here is a relationship re-cap.

  • Red Riding Hood accidentally killed and ate her boyfriend.
  • The Mad Hatter is separated from his daughter.
  • The Evil Queen has her father taken away. Oh and her stable boy is murdered.
  • Grumpy the dwarf cannot be with his fairy lover.
  • Princess Kathryn had her lover turned into gold.
  • Remember the whole Belle and Rumpelstiltskin thing?
  • Jiminy Cricket turned a happy couple into puppets.
  • Rumpelstiltskin’s wife was killed in some kind of Troll War.
  • There was some plot with the Genie?
Quite frankly, that is all the drama I could remember. I write reviews of this show on a weekly basis, and I could not even bring myself to peruse them all for data. I should set my expectations lower and then I would be less disappointed when I watch a show this bad.

I am done with this ridiculous Kathryn/Mary Margaret plot.
I am done with the “no-one leaving Storybrooke” thing.
I am done with ultimate Mayoral powers.

As this season winds down, I am hoping for some excitement. I have a secret wish that the Red Queen (whose face was not revealed in the previous episode) will show herself and be totally bad ass. It is hard for me to write this show off because there have been some really creative, original and entertaining episodes…but man, some episodes really suck. The inconsistency is irritating, but damn it, I am ready for the next episode.


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