Smash: Episode 8 Director’s Notes


This week’s Smash saw Marilyn temporarily shelved after the workshop fell flat. This gives ample time for backstabbing and secrets, which is of course why we’re here. Oh, and dance numbers!



  • The central backstabbing remained a mystery for most of the episode as Derrick and Karen conspired with some dude from One Republic on a clubby dance number. (When Karen said, “I love One Republic! I’m such a dork!” I did a spit take. Well done, writers.) The secret quickly makes it around the dancers via Ellis’s loose lips. The big reveal is that Derrick wants to spice up Marilyn, and Tom and Julia get all “tortured artists whose visions have been tampered with” when the reality is Derrick’s right.
  • Karen’s performance does show she is more energetic and poppy than Ivy, and you could see it in Ivy’s face that Karen is a real threat. All that may be moot though, since they’re looking for a staaaaahhhrrrr! I guess this was the producers’ attempt at getting an iTunes hit? I’d listen to it during a workout. The choreography on the other hand looked like a low-rent Eyes Wide Shut musical.
  • Meanwhile in the land of politics, Dev is going to leak some naughty photos of his rival’s junk to the press! Dev’s moving over to the dark side…and it works. He was a little too self-righteous for my taste, and if he and Karen are going to make it, they’ll need to be on the same page with regard to underhanded dealing.
  • This episode spent a lot of time dealing with the personal lives of Elaine, Julia, Tom, and Karen. It felt a little boring to me, but I assume it will all pay off in future episodes. (Like next week, when Julia’s husband finds out about the affair!)
  • Speaking of Julia’s husband, I guess his little Guitar Hero performance was supposed to make us like him, but damn did he look pitiful in that hat. Also, where did the hat come from? Is it something he wears around? Everything about him is too saccharine and sad-sack.
  • I love that Julia wears sunglasses into the business meetings with Elaine.
  • “I grew up in show business, and it’s this kind of crap that made me want to flee to Micronesia!” -Maryl Streep’s daughter as Anjelica Huston’s daughter. Perfect.
  • I love the daughter’s ABC Carpet and Home decorating job.
  • ELLIS, STOP, YOU CONTINUE TO BE THE WORST. But, I do love to hate you, so on second though, don’t stop.
  • Finally, I would be remiss if I did not award this week’s cheese ball to the bowling alley dance sequence. Not that I didn’t totally eat it up, because I did, but it was one hell of a lip-synching, high-kicking, cheese fest. To help you cut through that 8 lb. spinning ball o’ cheese, I’ve selected these handy bowling pin knives. Now you too can spread the cheese, just like a broadway chorus let loose at Brooklyn Bowl!

3 thoughts on “Smash: Episode 8 Director’s Notes

  1. Anonymous says:

    I had no idea that was Meryl Streep’s daughter!

  2. Jerch says:

    Oh my goodness am I done with Ellis. I am confused why he ended up working with Eileen if he started the episode by spying on her for Tom. That kind of didn’t make any sense. The absolutely worst scene was when he quickly interjected during the contentious fight after the performance. I gasped audibly, and my testicles retracted into my body.

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