Project Runway All Stars: Finale

DM: What could we say about the first half of the finale? I truly hated all of them, but this was based purely on all of their catty bitchy attitudes. It hurts me to say that about Mondo, because he’s been my favorite since the first episode of his original season. We hadn’t seen completed looks, so it was hard to comment on them. But what I can comment on is the fact that all three of them were getting annoying and bitchy and not fun to watch. I still wanted Mondo to win, with Austin as runner up, and I’ve wanted Michael gone from the beginning, so his placement in my mind is obvious.

MJ: In what’s explained as some sort of honor (because they are “All Stars”), the finale is merely 5 looks (jokes, 6, natch), and they have only 4 days to put it together. If there ever were any doubt this isn’t the real Project Runway, now we can be sure. In stark contrast, I love how the contestants are made to wait for Joanna Coles in the amazing Hearst Tower conference room overlooking the corner of Central Park. I forgot that one of the prizes is a guest editorship at Marie Claire. Look, alls I’m saying is, the next [normal] season better be fucking amazeballs. I’m trying to remember a season where all of the remaining finalists are gay men. Oddly, that has not happened before. This is probably the most gay-friendly, not explicitly gay-centric show on television.

So Mondo has an off-day and does nothing in the workroom. I kind of loved it. It made me want him to win. It was like he was saying to this trainwreck of a show/season, “yah fuck off the whole lot of you…I’m done…I’ll make dresses when I want to!” And in the end, despite the absence of some entertaining past contestants (Santino, Wendy Pepper, etc.), it’s rewarding to see two (I don’t fucking care about Michael) of the shows most memorable stars [who didn’t win, natch] duke it out.

DM: I think this whole season was always between Austin and Mondo, and that’s exactly who it came down to. I’m happy Mondo won. But I almost feel like this entire season was created just because the show creators thought he deserved to win his season and wanted to give him a second chance. I mean the whole season was so half-assed. I can’t wait for the real thing to start up again… although I am really going to miss Georgina!

Anyway about the collections:


DM: Really? Your inspiration was Hasidic Williamsburg vampires. WTF. I hated the shorts. The second dress was OK. I think the third one had a little pink fart stuck to the back of it. The gown I liked, but the right girl has to wear it because of the strange proportions. That black “leatherette” (come on, it’s pleather) jumpsuit was heinous. And I loved everything about that wedding dress, EVERYTHING.

MJ: What’s with the points pants, curls, and shiny mica jacket? The second look’s stray poof is through me. Oh girl, not as much as the third’s! That one is kind of boring business wear to me. The gown I find beautiful, but I agree it’s proportions are a little odd. The jumpsuit look is sexy, but I don’t love that extraneous neck thing. Lastly, the bridal gown is absolutely gorgeous with the flowing petals, but what bride would wear black gloves?


DMHe can really do no wrong in my eyes. I think that the big buttons/pockets are so his thing that it doesn’t bother me. I’m OBSESSED with the Rorschach dress. It was definitely the most cohesive collection.

MJ: The first look is cool. I like the wiry hair, and the skirt with the circular details stands out. Woh, the buttons and pockets on the second look. I wonder if he knows the work of Yayoi Kusama. It’s slightly boring. The third look is like…a sleeveless boyfriend workshirt dress? Oh, and look, another forgettable jumpsuit. I do like the Rorschach, though, especially in the actual dress with the bizarre single red cuff. It’s sort of like his season’s finale dress, though. The red shiny final gown is undoubtably pretty, but it’s almost too sweet for the rest of the looks. Maybe we needed that, though.


DM: It kind of irks me to say this, but I actually liked most of his pieces. I think as a collection it was pretty boring, though. I will say that I want the second tailored dress with the long sleeves.

MJ: The first outfit requires the jewelry, otherwise it’s muddled. The longsleeve dress is well tailored, but the pattern is hard for me to focus on. Ditto for the similar but shorter third look. Overall, I think his models have great hear, but what would have happened it any of his had short hair? I guess he chose appropriately. By the fifth look all I can remember is it’s a collection of dichromatic safari prints. But not much else. Then out of nowhere we have the “signature Michael dress,” which is literally just a white tunic dress. OK?


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