Smash: Episode 7 Director’s Notes

The pressure was on this week for our Marilyn musical: workshopping in hopes of attracting investors so that the show can go on. Adding to the drama was of course Bernadette Peters playing Mama Rose to Ivy’s Gypsy. So, I guess I was wrong in thinking that Ivy had some sad mountain-folk back story. No, her mother was a famous Broadway star, whose refusal to compliment Ivy (and need for fame) leaves Ivy reeling from lack of confidence. And…I’m falling asleep. Yes, it all makes sense, but it was just too tired of a story line. I almost fast-forwarded through the “touching” moment when Mama Rose tells Ivy it’s only because she cares. Ugh. 

  • And how was Ivy in her big moment? I had to agree with Derrick that she fell a little flat, as did the whole performance (and Karen, literally busting ass): everyone was just ok, but no spark. Either they did a really great job making the audience believe the show-within-a-show needs more work, or the actual show does, and the fact that I can’t tell is what makes Smash so perfectly executed.
  • Things are heating up between Elaine/Mr. $7 Martini, and not just because the boiler is broken! I can’t wait for more flirtation over Big Buck Hunter. (Side note: Does his accent change every episode? I swore he was Irish, now vaguely Spanish?)
  • Loved the interchange between Elaine and Ellis: “I’m not going to pretend this information isn’t useful to me, BUT…” Ellis totally needed to be smacked down a peg, and Elaine is just the one to do it. Also, another episode where Ellis does nothing for his primary employer, Tom.
  • Are we really to believe that Tom only now has figured out that #1SportsFan is gay? I am not at all into them as a couple, nor would I care at all if Tom cheated on his boring lawyer boyfriend. So, I guess that’s a draw.
  • Karen, why are you ruining your career before it even gets off the ground? I was OK with her singing in the studio, and I like the idea of pitting the theater ambitions against a possible pop career: that is a plot-line I would like to see develop, which is why it was ridiculous that Karen wouldn’t go meet with that producer. And then she totally misses the mark during the workshop. I am starting to forget what Derrick saw in her.
  • I am simultaneously glad that Michael is getting fired/Julia is dumping him, and bummed that they didn’t drag the affair out a little more. I have to say, I actually got a little emo over the son’s breakdown when Julia tells him that Michael’s gone. Well done, writers. However, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Michael. We saw how he threw that fit when Julia wouldn’t talk to him: bitch is not going down without a fight.
  • Was it just me, or did Michael’s voice seem a little thin during the workshop?
  • There were a lot of tears and sad faces in this week’s episode, and even though Ivy’s inner struggle was the dominant theme, it was Julia’s super-sensitive son who stole the show with his teenage angst. No one out-cries a 15-year-old! So, to suit the tastes of a sad-sack pothead teenager, holed up in his room and brooding over momma’s indiscretions, we have a bulk quantity tub of puffed orange cheese balls! You’ll never have to eat mom’s burnt pancakes again, lil’ buddy.

One thought on “Smash: Episode 7 Director’s Notes

  1. Jerch says:

    I would like to see a webisode/spinoff starring Ellis and Elaine. E2? E&E. Ellis would show Elaine how to tweet, and Elaine would get Ellis front-row seats at Fashion Week.

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