BTYM Podcast: Episode 38, The Lovin’ Spoonful

Oh my gosh, we cannot tell you how excited we were to do this week’s podcast, not to mention obviously less share it with everyone.

And by “everyone,” obviously we mean a handful of fans. Loyal fans.

Anyway, so we took a cue from your Top Chefs and your Choppeds and your Chopped Chefs and decided to do a blind tasting.

The rules were pretty simple:

  1. Must fit on a spoon and be a food you’d conceivably eat a spoonful amount of.
  2. Must not have “mean” ingredients, like wasabi or black pepper.
  3. Must not be seafood.
  4. Must not need cooking.

As you’ll see/hear, that narrowed down the list a bit — surprisingly even. Hope y’all enjoy, because you better believe we’re gonna do this one again.

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