Smash: Episode 6 Director’s Notes

So, it’s official: Smash is a great show. The momentum is up, they are finding stuff for Karen to do besides square-off against Ivy, and it’s getting close to show time! Loves it.

This week in the continued diva-melt-down that is Ivy: she has lost her voice! From stress! This seems both totally accurate to what would really happen (cut to her drinking tea in her housecoat), conveniently contrives another ray of hope for Karen AND drives the Ivy-Derrick relationship further into a tailspin. Ivy’s hilarious “sensitivity” to pills manifests itself as a hallucination of Karen in a bad Marilyn wig (girl does not look good as a blonde.) Rushing to her aid are Tom and the aggressively masculine gay sports fan/dancer (TM).

  • This moment of comfort from her two pals lays the groundwork for the best scene in the episode: the total diva-out at Derrick in practice. This was so fun to watch, also probably par for the course in the theater world, and hopefully cathartic for Ivy. Onward and upward, bitch!
  • Though I actually really like the fact that Derrick cares about nothing more than a good show.
  • Karen=worst bar mitzvah singer ever. Do we really think Florence and the Machine is what a group of 13 and 14 year-olds wants to dance to? No. Though, I am glad to see her getting out of the clutches of simpering Dev and experiencing life, er, Long Island?
  • Oh Julia, making increasingly poor life choices. All I could think of when Michael (OK, I’ve finally learned his name) and Ivy were doing their routine on that couch was, “Oh god, it’s filthy! Poor Ivy!” Will Julia’s son come clean to his dad about catching mom making out with an ACTOR on the stoop? Also, how much did you love Michael’s diva moment, “If you don’t talk to me, I’ll make a scene!” Settle down, drama queen!
  • Melting my sarcastic, judgy heart was Elaine’s post-divorce life makeover: dive bars, Buck Hunt, and a new apartment on the LES. She’s maybe 15 years too late for that hood, but I love the idea that she’s embracing a total transformation, and wanting to be surrounded by young people instead of stodgy old theater mavens on the UES. Also, you know that bartender is going to help her get her groove back!
  • Ellis is getting some ideas of grandeur. Does Tom not wonder where he is? I mean, isn’t an assistant supposed to be around to, you know, assist you?
  • It was a little difficult to come up with this week’s cheese ball winner, since this was a particularly strong and fun episode, however, I prevailed: Michael’s teenager-in-love pursual of Julia is often cringe-worthy, and I could barely watch them disrobing in the dance studio (ugh.) So, this week’s gaudy chocolate covered bleeding-heart red-velvet Valentine of a cheese ball goes out to our two ill-fated lovers, Julia and Michael. Served on ‘nilla wafers, for a couple of vanilla waifs.

One thought on “Smash: Episode 6 Director’s Notes

  1. Jerch says:

    Loves it when after the fight in the opening scene, Tom’s assistant just stands nonplussed in the background, reflected in a mirror.

    Doesn’t the actress who plays Ivy do that head-shaking, frowny-smile, surprised-yet-knowing, “sorry” face really well? Too much neck-clutching, however. We got it, it’s your voice (trademark, The Voice, on NBC).

    Is this episode sponsored by Prednisone? Based on last week’s previews, I was hoping for lots more pill-popping.

    Angelica Huston’s look this episode was fantastic. The glasses with the severe bob, they really worked. She gets away with a lot. Like when she answers her cell phone in the middle of a conversation. It’s acceptable because in her mind, these are just a few miscreant kids. How could their time possibly be more valuable than hers? Um, she is the best character, like ever. The image of her drinking “cheap” $7 martinis in the LES and shooting digital deer…priceless. OK, so sort of unbelievable, but on the other hand, what do I know about women like her? In the end, I appreciate that she performs both as a woman in complete control yet willing to deflate here and there, to relate to others less powerful.

    How did Debra Messing’s affair spiral so quickly into, “I can’t sleep without you?” He does not have lips. Yet he has a flame tattoo.

    Oddly, there was very little singing for the first half of the episode. Are they running out of diegetic reasons?

    OMG, I just loved Tom’s boyfriend’s snooty-ass gay friends. They’re dull in that we’ve made it, but getting here didn’t make us more interesting for it way. I wonder if this is something the writers’ see in themselves. Just a hunch. And no, I’m not falling for the Tom/chorus boy romance, because it is silly.

    Debra Messing surely has a closet full of ready-to-wear scarves. They go with every look!

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