Project Runway All Stars: Episode 10

Not-Heidi’s eyes were super big this week. There was a lot of over-enunciation. Anyone notice that? One of us has never heard of Nenette Lepore. She seems like she’d sell to upper class New York women with little class. Apparently, though, she’s high class — just not haute couture. The concept — to design for a certain [I’m assuming low] price point — is certainly an interesting if not relevant one, but this is Project Runwaycome on! We want crazy couture.

And, wait, what? Why are they not going to fashion week?? This is so clearly not a real season of Project Runway… If we wanted to watch people design for Target, we’d watch one of the many knock-off fashion reality shows. The part where they present their designs and then are told both what the dress would retail for and what it would cost to make in fabric, were interesting, except it’s not really explained. Were they calculating how many people would be needed to make the dress, and how many yards it would need in fabric? A little confusing. It sort of falls apart when we get to Mondo, and he shows them the most basic sketch possible, yet the women somehow have a formula for him still.


DM: Hates it. I actually really like it without the belt,  but it’s so boring and dowdy and done otherwise.

MJ: Hates it. Sorry to say it. Don’t like the sleeves. Or the color. Or the length. I get that it’s a rain coat, but it feels dated.

MJ: Hates it. Ugh, everyone is right. We’ve seen this before. Um, hello! J-Lo’s infamous green v-neck dress! Michael seems very impressed with its simplicity. Yah, simple’s right. Simple like a silk robe. Then he tries to cover the skin with a hideous necklace.

DM: Hates it. I LOVE the print. But I’m not seeing the sex appeal. Yes there’s a plunging neck-line and, in classic Michael fashion, ass-line, but it’s so baggy. It’s a muumuu.


MJ: Likes it. I like the retro futuristic flapper idea. I don’t love the lines, though. I want the horizontals to be either obviously wavy or conversely, straight and tailored. They’re in between.

DM: LOVE LOVE LOVES it. How did he know those fabrics were going to be so appealing together?! He’s like a mad scientist.


DM: Hates it. It really is ill-fitting. Kenley usually does such a good job doing vintage “inspired.” But this look looks like it genuinely could have been found in a grandma’s closet.

MJ: Loves it. The pattern misalignment is noticeable, but it doesn’t bother me. I like the shoulders. I like the print. It’s fun and wearable, which was the challenge.


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