The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 12

Has anyone ever gotten trapped on a bus or subway car with a homeless person? Well in case you haven’t, my point is that you don’t need to see him or her before knowing what’s going on. The smell comes first. Now, I realize some (OK, a lot of) drama is necessary for this show, but don’t you imagine the zombies positively reek of rotting flesh and excrement? I just have a hard time believing they’re so stealthy. No matter, for I have questions for The Walking Dead!

How great was the zombie squad (Andrea, T-Dog, Shane, and Daryl) in the opening scene? Spliced in with Dale’s tearful funeral, we have some seriously awesome pitchfork and shovel brainsplosions. Kersploosh! The contrast was nice, and I enjoyed having  mayhem so early in an episode. More! How the zombies caught that horse they were eating, though, remains a mystery.

This week’s dialogue presented without commentary comes from Rick and Andrea: “I need to make sure that every time I leave the farm, all hell doesn’t break loose.” “Well maybe you should stop leaving.”

Wait, so only after Dale died last week, Lori finally feels that this is all “real?” She specifically mentions Sophia’s departure and then death as apparently, still not quite the “realness” tipping point, but remember all those, um, other senseless deaths? The time the camp was overrun? The time the CDC exploded? That time her son was almost fatally shot? Girl, it’s real. It’s been real. Then she launches into another confusing conversation with Shane about how their love is not meant to be…but maybe? Does it matter whether she cares for him? Does she need to go back and forth every other episode? This show doesn’t need a love triangle. An orgy…maybe.

Rick can’t take 5 minutes out of this whole “Randal situation” to have a heart to heart with his son, after learning about how he technically could have prevented Dale’s death (and is having a hard time dealing with it)? Side note: he should. The eventual conversation with Carl is, acceptable, I guess. Clearly there’s no way to sugarcoat Carl’s future, or lack thereof. The thing is, I’m pretty sure Carl already knew all of this. He’s well aware of the dangers in this world. That’s not the problem. The problem is that he’s disinterested in taking the gun, in taking up his dad’s role. Which is to be expected. Sons and fathers clashing is a classic trope. Not surprisingly, it’s presented here with little nuance. The conversation is one-sided and goes pretty much like, “I’m going to die. You’re going to die. Here, take this gun.”

What’s with all the hammering? Are they reinforcing the structures in advance of a zombie assault? Don’t they think all of the noise will attract zombies? Remember, noise = attention. Are they protecting against Randall’s people? Zombies? In either case, why the sudden concern? Dale was taken down by one random zombie, and sort of by chance, since it was the dead animal that distracted him.

Do they think Randall is hiding in the woods? Alive Randall, not Zombie Randall. Do they assume he’s not already a zombie? Do they expect to find him in the dark? Not that I’m necessarily complaining, since the spookiness is welcome. Good thing it’s always a full moon! Obviously, Shane was never going to come up with an elaborate ruse, but that doesn’t absolve the rest of them of questioning what the plan is. Well, they do find him…in a sense. After all of this, in a roundabout way, it’s finally revealed that if you die of any cause (other than ones inflicting serious brain injury, presumably) you’ll still reanimate, even if you weren’t bitten. That’s the explanation, right?

Anyone else think the depiction of Shane at the end — before Rick knifes him — was zombie-like? What with the broken nose, stammering, dull look in his eyes, and face covered in blood. Nice touch. We won’t miss you, though. Unless…

Zombie Shane!

Ooh, that was short. Yikes.

And a huge random hoard of zombies! Somehow. Wait, where did they come from? Are these various dead but not yet zombie corpses? If so, why did they all of a sudden reanimate? Quite a coincidence that the survivors just finished boarding up the Magic Farm, only to find a giant group of attackers lumbering towards them…


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