The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 11

It’s getting to the point where I’m so incredulous with The Walking Dead that I have more questions than anything else. It’s like the show is made of questions! Like, it’s a table-scape of questions on a question-table cloth, and the legs are made of questions!

My viewing companion started this week with the following statement: “So, apparently I missed a scene where they decide they are just…living here.” Sadly, no such scene occurred, but we do start with a delightful one where Daryl is for some reason interrogating Randal (the captive). Which one of these characters are we supposed to care for, and if it’s Daryl who put him in charge of interrogating in the first place? There was a missed opportunity here for some redneck bonding, if you ask me. More importantly, we never really got to see Randal do something truly horrendous. His only crime appears to have been association with hooligans.

If Randal is tied up in the barn, how is he a threat, or more specifically is he going to signal his 30 person gang? On that note, how does killing him eliminate the threat? It seems like the only point of this conundrum is to artificially infuse conflict into an otherwise boring predicament — life on Magic Farm. Why don’t they just try and acclimate him to the group? He can’t exactly run away. Not even sure how he can stand.

What what what! Andrea used to be a civil rights lawyer? Yah, that totally fits her character. She’s just so, you know, empathetic and logical.

Shane’s plan is to…start a civil war within the survivor group…really? To what end? They will imprison some of the people…forever? Until the losing group relents…and agrees with the winning group’s plans? There are not enough ellipses in the world.

Why was Carl in the barn with Randal? Was he going to attack him? That would have been interesting. Nope, it was only to interrupt the conversation between Andrea and Shane. But speaking of, when did his parents give him the freedom to just, you know, wander around doing whatever? Just wandering the forest no questions asked. Whatevs! It’s not like there are flesh-eating zombies there. Or everywhere. No biggie! When that zombie was struggling to free himself from the mud so that he could eat that delicious, sumptuous Carl meat…was anyone else rooting for the zombie? Granted, he’s frazzled by the encounter [and the lost gun], but did it not occur to him to mention the zombie lurking around? The one he failed to kill. The one that is a [SPOILER ALERT] huge security threat. Ugh, I hope Carl falls on his knife.

Side Note: Kinda of a greedy zombie, am I right? He had that whole cow but was like, “me want human brains…it’s a delicacy you know.” Poor Dale.

Lori, in a rare moment of clarity, questions whether Rick should be tying a noose in the barn — a place where five seconds earlier he was considering converting into a residence. “Yes, great! I’ve always wanted to live where we hung a stranger!” Let’s forgive for a moment (OK, I don’t really forgive) why Rick is so casual about this whole will he/won’t he kill Randal thing. Why is he preemptively tying a noose, which he freely admits he has never done? He has neither tied a noose nor sentenced a man to death. There are just so many things wrong with this scene, not the least of which is Lori’s tepid disapproval of murder. “Well, is it what you want,” she basically asks Rick? Lastly, and I realize this is a larger question for the series, but what gives Rick the right to be the ultimate decider on this their arguably biggest decision yet?

Presented without comment, Dale’s reaction to the will we/won’t we discussion, summarized: “This is a man’s life! It deserves more than a 5 minute conversation. Just because we can’t come up with something to do with him doesn’t mean we should just kill him! You saved him; now we’re going to kill him!”

Uh, is there a good [not racist] reason why T-Dog has barely talked all season, notably this episode where ostensibly the group comes to consensus? You would have been forgiven for not noticing him in this episode. He was in the living room [not speaking] and then leaned against a tree [without speaking]. Diversity!

Hmm, so now there could potentially be a zombie out there with a handgun. Perhaps solving crimes, sexily? I smell spin-off!


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