The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 10 – More Brains This Time

Look, I’m not saying there aren’t answers in The Walking Dead, but I seriously still have a lot of questions…

Ever notice how the zombie makeup always concentrates [very effectively] on necrotic lips and other facial features but almost never the hands? I feel like having all 10 fingers has got to be pretty rare, what with all the poking and jabbing at glass.

Shane’s justification for shooting Otis in the leg, resulting in his inability to escape a horrific zombie death, basically is that Carl’s life depended on it. Right…so only Shane would have brought back the medicine? Otis somehow would have hoarded it? Wait, wasn’t Shane the one who was limping? Also, why didn’t he just shoot Otis in the head? Is it because the Zombies prefer still-alive flesh (see previous recap)? He does, however, offer a fairly plausible explanation for leaving Rick in the hospital. He couldn’t bring himself to end Rick’s life, but he also couldn’t risk fighting the SWAT team, who were killing the hospital workers. Protecting Lori and Carl gave him a purpose. I will accept that, but I feel like this is meant to give the audience a false sense of calm before the inevitable crazy-Shane episode later in this season. I look forward to that day.

So let’s put aside whatever is the really great reason that they continue to live at Magic Farm. Why don’t they take their apparent abundance of cars and gasoline (we even see them filling up multiple jerricans today) and make a run for it? Like maybe to a high security area of some sort? A fallout shelter of some kind? An island? I dunno?

I definitely appreciate the nod to zombie realism; Rick suggests they avoid guns if there is only one zombie and instead lure him/her in and knife it through the brains. This both saves bullets and precludes loud sounds. However, there is a huge flaw in this logic. Rick assumes the only thing they are attracted to is fresh human blood, and he goes so far as to cut his finger with a knife. 1) Gross, 2) Infections, and 3) The zombie was already coming towards them! The blood was unnecessary. Remember all those times when you were attacked by zombies, yet your epidermis was intact? It’s not an isolated thing either. Shane later employs the knife+hand=zombie bait trick in the bus. Um…I think there’s no need to worry about zombies sticking their heads into the bus. That’s what they were already doing! Because they want to eat him! If we really are going to be using this new “strategy” I want to see it taken to its logical conclusion: buckets of blood attached to rope traps, paintball guns augmented with blood, blood Super Soakers, and finally blood bombs released from the back of getaway cars.

Are they looking through the deserted town for supplies for their captive? I mean, isn’t this a little short-term thinking? What is he going to do for the rest of his life? Couldn’t they have just given him some of their supplies? He rightly points out, “why would you save my life only to leave me here to die?” Um, yah.

How come Maggie never mentioned the captive, and how come he didn’t mention her earlier? Sure, I didn’t know every single person’s name in my high school, but I could come close. And I certainly could recognize their faces! Shane obviously just wants to shoot him. Crazy but acceptable. Rick’s plan is to…lock the captive in the barn? Because that’s somehow the fair compromise between inducting him into their crew vs. leaving him to die in the abandoned town? If they lock him in the barn they have to feed and take care of him. None of this moral quandary of killing the captive vs. leaving him somewhere makes any sense. They’re all going to die at some point. Do they even trust each other so much more than they trust the captive? Ugh. Oh, and obviously the trip out to the abandoned town was a complete waste of time and resources, per usual.

Did Rick use the captive as a pretense to go out and kill Shane? That seemed to be inferred at the end of the last episode, but their fight today was clearly spontaneous. So…why did he bring Shane along at all? Why not just take the captive miles away and leave him?

Finally more zombies! The scene where they break through the windows and begin attacking Shane, Rick, and the captive was pretty great television. There were several nice moments, like the still-bound captive snapping a zombie girl’s arm in half with his boot, and the zombie pile-on where Rick fires so many revolver shots into one’s brain that we see the gun’s barrel on the other side of its skull…pretty great. “Kersploosh!” That was the sound of an SUV running over a zombie. I was hoping that those earlier gasoline canisters would be put to good use, but alas…

Ugh, the Lori/women troubles B plot is so boring. I barely have any questions, but one obvious one would be what are the men doing [if the women have to do the domestic duties/be on suicide watch]? We’re to believe that Glenn, T-Dog, Daryl, Dale and Andrea are on guard duty? This sounds cold, but who thinks Beth shouldn’t kill herself? I say give this chick a gun!

Judging by the promos for next week, the conflict will be…whether to kill the captive (apparently his name is Randall) or let him live. Again! Because he knows Maggie and thus knows where the farm is?


One thought on “The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 10 – More Brains This Time

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