The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 9 – Mo Zombie Mo Problems

Unfortunately, two episodes into the middle of the second season of The Walking Dead, we’re really nowhere closer to getting answers. Virus who? Farm where? Nevertheless, another episode has passed, and therefore I have questions for The Walking Dead!

A point of clarification, if anyone knows: Why do the walkers eat only alive beings? How are they so attuned to uninfected, living beings? Is it blood? The actual muscle flesh? Pheromones? Can the victims be recently dead, such as Rick’s bar victims? His friends kinda seemed like they might have been on their way out, or at least maybe Rick could have made up some lie to get them to go away. Like, I dunno, “we’re trapped with a walker in here…save yourselves!” Instead he flatly admits to killing the two men and tries to shout-explain why it was their fault. This is going to work. (Spoiler Alert: It doesn’t work.)

Improbably and sadly, Lori’s car accident-inflicted wounds are trivial at worst. Nevertheless, she has a zombie to contend with, and girl he ain’t a’scared of shredding his own face off if it means delicious, delicious Lori sandwiches. Would it theoretically have been easier to kill the zombie rather than try to escape? Yep! She must have been reading my mind, because that’s what she does. I might have to take back a little of what I said last week because she’s kind of a bad ass. However let’s play devil’s advocate and imagine we are Lori for a moment. First of all, your loins are full of baby meat. You’re not sure exactly who’s the father. Oh, you have a son! Remember him? You’re…going to town to…argue with someone. Look, you’re not saying it was a good plan. The point is you’re here, your car is totalled, and you’re high on zombie-killing adrenaline. What do you do? Stay with the car? Obviously not. Walk back the way you came, down the road, to the safe Magic Barn? Crap no. Go to town! And I’ll give Lori a break in a second, but…wasn’t she 1) super quick to believe Shane when he lied about Rick being OK, yet 2) forgetting that she had herself walked down the road he would have driven down, in the opposite direction, to safety? So she would have seen him! Hell, maybe she imagined that happened while she was unconscious…in a wrecked car…that Rick would have just, driven by? Writing!

This farm sure does have a lot of cars, by the way. Filled with gasoline. In a zombie apocalypse. Remember when they rode horses?

What’s changed in Hershel that he’ll shoot zombies? Not one episode ago he was still pretty adamant that they’re people, or at least can be brought back. Now he’s guns blazing and all in favor of euthanizing some random hoodlum kid? Oh, and by the way, now they all of a sudden have time to appropriately amputate the kid’s leg? Walkers are “everywhere!” This kid not only won’t have a leg, but he’ll be bleeding profusely — no doubt attracting more zombies. I mean, this isn’t Calculus, people. Blood + sound = zombie mayhem. Mayhem! Still, it was gorelicious to see him impaled like that.

Does anyone care about Shane? His character hovers close to going over the crazy line, but he almost never does. I’d really like to see him actually shoot someone, rather than only point a gun. Yes, he maimed Otis, leading to a glorious zombie death, but who was Otis really? We didn’t get to know him, so it didn’t count. Watch, I say this now, and there’s totally going to be an awful baby stealing subplot in the third season.

Hmm, so gunshots in town attract dozens and dozens of zombies in a matter of minutes. There were maybe 5 or 6 shots from Rick’s gun. Two episodes/days ago at least 6-7x that many shots were fired during the “barn cleaning” at Magic Farm. So…where are all of the zombies attracted to those sounds? If you’re thinking, “they’re on their way,” then remember that Lori encountered only 2 on the road. Those were presumably just 2 random stray zombies, unlike those in town who appear to be travelling in a very large group. That very large group is…the town’s residents…who were napping all this time?

Am I the only one who thinks Glenn is the only smart one for caring about himself? I glazed over the whole girlfriend is happy you’re alive but that somehow makes you feel bad part because all I can think about is how I would absolutely also hide in a dumpster if I were being shot at. Good for you, Glenn.

Great, now we have Random Randal. Another severe medical emergency. Another bad guy turned friend. Just to be clear, our survivors directly or indirectly killed 3 of his friends just minutes prior to deciding to rescue this guy. He serves as little more than a reason to argue about whether he’s a risk or not. Um yah, they should be super worried about a guy whose friends literally left him to die telling the world where Magic Farm is located. What with it’s mystical fresh water, majestic sunsets, and zombie-repelling powers. ARE WE EVER LEAVING MAGIC FARM???

I hate Magic Farm.

I like zombie mayhem.

Less people problems.

More zombie problems.


4 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 9 – Mo Zombie Mo Problems

  1. Anonymous says:

    If they are dead, it’s like they are a walker. Walkers don’t eat other walkers so they don’t eat anything dead. They smell fresh blood, so food can be recently dead, like the deer in season three used by one of the prisoners. Other than that, walkers don’t go for dead meat. Only the fresh smelling food.

  2. […] he just shoot Otis in the head? Is it because the Zombies prefer still-alive flesh (see previous recap)? He does, however, offer a fairly plausible explanation for leaving Rick in the hospital. He […]

  3. Jerch says:

    Yah I mean, let’s be optimistic, because why not? Maybe this is all some sort of build-up to a massive, amazing, crazy zombie assault on the farm.

  4. funnynurse says:

    I agree with everything!! Now that I am no longer deathly afraid of them, I need more zombies.
    You mentioned the dozens of shots fired at Zombie Barn, not to mention (see previous post) the hundreds of precious ammo wasted when practicing with the guns.
    This farm, with it’s magical fresh vegetables, pure squeezed OJ and endless electricity needs to get overrun. I am talking full on mob.

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